US actress: Sydney Sweeney: “Keep trying to prove myself”

US actress: Sydney Sweeney: “Keep trying to prove myself”

The 28-year-old became known through the hyped series “Euphoria” and has since starred in other recognized series. Her talent continues to be questioned, she says.

According to her own statements, US actress Sydney Sweeney continues to seek recognition as a woman in Hollywood after roles in hit series such as “Euphoria” or “The White Lotus”. “I’m still told: ‘Can she act?'” the 28-year-old told the US magazine “Variety”. “Look at ‘Reality’, ‘White Lotus’, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Sharp Objects’, ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ – but okay, I’ll keep trying to prove myself and hope that one day I’ll end up with a great one director and can make a film that people will recognize.”

In the film industry there are more actresses than actors, which is why the competition for them is greater, Sweeney explained. “But as a man it’s much easier to make a film that does really well and then you can get offered any film you want,” she says.

Sweeney also discussed a “strange relationship” the public has with her, “over which I have no control and over which I have no influence.” “People feel connected and free to talk about me however they want.” They would believe that she was “no longer on a human level” because she was an actress.

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