The creator of “Narcos” is preparing a new series in the style of “Peaky Blinders”

The creator of “Narcos” is preparing a new series in the style of “Peaky Blinders”

Chris Brancanto confirmed that he is developing the period police series for MGM+.

The series will show Irish gangs in New York at the end of the 19th century.

The next project from the creator of Narcos, Chris Brancatowill be a period drama series in the style Peaky Blinders about Irish gangs in New York.

Brancanto confirmed the news at the Series Mania television festival in Lille, France, on Wednesday, where he said he was developing the period police series for MGM+.

What will the new series from the creator of Narcos be like?

Brancanto made the announcement in the final minutes of his Series Mania talk, which focused on his new MGM+ show Cocaine Hotel, one of the featured series in the competition programming of the French television festival. He declined to give many details about his new project, except to mention the show’s working title – The Westies – and that the series will follow the “fearsome Irish gangs” in New York in the late 19th century.

Martin Scorsese represented the same era in his film Gangs of New Yorknominated for an Oscar in 2002, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis. The film follows the rise of Irish gangs, fueled by mass immigration in the late 19th century, and their power struggles with other criminal groups in the area around the Five Points neighborhood of lower Manhattan.

Brancanto said he was also planning a second season of Cocaine Hotel, which follows a Cuban exile who is the general manager of a hotel in Miami in the late 1970s and early 1980s, ground zero of the cocaine epidemic. The crime thriller features The Shield star, Michael Chiklis.

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