Wos released “Descartable”, their new studio album

Wos released “Descartable”, their new studio album

Two and a half years after the launch of “Dark Ecstasy”an album with which he toured the world, won multiple awards and recognitions, Wos presents “Disposable” -his third studio album-.

In this work he surprises us again with a fusion of sounds that achieve an impressive audio, deepening his journey through an alternative rock that is intertwined with genres such as folklore, synthetic pop of the 80s, underlining his generational crossover, in addition to not ignoring its origins in rap, and the most classic rock and roll, which is among the most typical of Argentine music and Latin American rock of the 90s.

Although the 16 tracks on the album are an almost lysergic journey, the collaborations take on a fundamental role in this sound: in “Melancholia”a cumbia-rock fusion comes together in the production Gustavo Santaolallawho contributes his particular snoring sound, taking us on a unique sound journey.

In “The fog”one of the immense ballads that Wos has accustomed us to, decides to invite the renowned Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcadeblending their unmistakable and subtle voices full of sensitivity.

“Chrome heads”has as special guest Dillomrepresenting the new generation and contributing their modern and alternative sound that takes the premises of a new punk-rock.

And of course, “You will burn” with the expected participation of Indio Solariwith whom it definitely unites generations and without a doubt they manage to make it an anthem just a few hours after its release.

“Disposable” is produced by EVLAY (Facundo Yalve), who already won the Gardel award for Producer of the Year for his previous album work with WOS, and features the participation of the powerful WOS band: Tomas Sainz (drums) Francisco Azorai (synth, piano) Natasha Iurcovich (bass) and Chipi Rudd (guitar).

The album is now available on all platforms, and also has an audiovisual piece for the song Stimulus which was released on the artist’s official YouTube channel, and was directed by Rafael Nir and produced by La casa de al lado (as well as Arrancármelo, Culpa, Canguro, and Descartable, among many others by the artist).

Wos presents his new album in Racing

Weeks before the release of Descartable, Wos surprised his followers again by announcing a show at the stadium Racing Club to present it live April 20 before more than 40 thousand people.

25 years after the historic Los Redondos show, rock returns to Racing. After the 4 nights of La Renga in January, WOS takes the baton and promises an impressive show, with a display of high-level production and the unique energy that he brings with his band on stage.

Tickets are now on sale through Ticketek. Patagonia Bank customers have 3 interest-free installments and a 20% discount.

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