Ghostbusters with more effects for new generations

Ghostbusters with more effects for new generations

“Ghostbusters” is the new link, the fifth in the original series, of the “Ghostbusters” that began in the 80s. A story already out of print, but fun for those who don’t know it

Five official films, a cartoon series, several video games, merchandising in abundance, two Lego shorts, as many from Mario Bros, a legally authorized Italian “fan film”, “Ghostbusters: Assault in Firenze”in addition to various and unsuccessful parodies, imitations and tricks, apparently everything is evidence that there is Ghostbusters for a while. Which doesn’t mean they’re all memorable.

With the fifth of the official lot, grandly titled “Phantom Apocalypse” (in the original, “Frozen Empire”), which now we see, the time passes, some good memories are awakened, and new fears are known. It is not as funny or clever as the first two, made by Ivan Reitman back in the ’80s, not even like his son’s Jason Reitman in 2021, which wasn’t a big deal either, but, as said, it passes the time. For the nostalgic it is a return to life, and for the new generations it is a nice novelty, different from the usual pastimes.

The story is predictable, which in this case can be little less than a merit. It’s all about bringing together three generations of hard-working world saviors armed with almost forgotten paraphernalia, settling them in the beloved old New York firehouse and unleashing a specter more dangerous than General Winter, surrounded by other rather funny ones, and saving the world in the last minute of the fight. For that matter, the bad guy is a certain Garraka, but the most attractive character is called Nadeem, who practically steals the movie, played by the comedian Kumail Nanjiani. Separately, it is worth seeing a large number of puppeteers and technicians in various effects (more than a hundred, just for special effects). For the rest, there is less humor than expected, and less dynamism than necessary. Everything is not possible.

“Ghostbusters: Ghost Apocalypse” (Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, USA, 2024); Dir.: Gil Kenan; Starring: Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Kumail Nanjiani, Bill Murray.

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