Star+ disappears not only in Argentina but throughout the world

Star+ disappears not only in Argentina but throughout the world

One of the series with the greatest impact in recent weeks is “Coppola, the representative”, released by Star Plus which, despite being one of those chosen by users, will merge with another platform and will cease to exist as such starting in June.

Star Plus disappears not only in Argentina but throughout the world, while its contents will be part of Disney Plus, its mother platform. Everything responds to business strategies, which at first led to multiplying platforms and lately tend to merge, as happened with Max last month. When streaming broke out in the pandemic, it was a business to diversify with several different platforms, but at the peak of the business, the majors took advantage of the survival of the fittest, recalculated and gave again.

The main course of Star Plus these days and first in the ranking is “Coppola, the representative”, with Juan Minujin and a story focused not only on Maradona’s professional successes but also his dark side, cases linked to drugs, the cost of fame and excesses. The series offers an intimate look at a man who was the manager of the most important soccer player in the world, amalgamated by his succumbing to parties and nightlife, the traits of the bon vivant and the bipolarity of a soccer star who fell from the top to the bottom. decay.

William Coppola He is portrayed in the series by an actor like Minujin who manages to capture the duality of a character who, although he enjoyed success and notoriety, also faced moments of deep tension and complicity with Maradona. One of the main successes of the series directed by Ariel Winograd It is precisely the choice of the actor, exquisitely characterized and with an admirable reconstruction of the ’90s. From the music, the period color, the archive material, the jet set fauna of those crazy years and the parody of the Menemist decade, which has another series in Max focused on those times, “The death of the president’s son.”

There is no shortage of symbolic characters such as Jacobo Winograd, Susana Giménez, Amalia “Yuyito” González, couple of Coppola back then and the deliberate choice that Diego Maradona is not played by an actor, but is omnipresent and flies over more like an angel than a ghost. There is no lack then of the emotional goodbye of Maradona in the Bombonera with “The ball does not get stained”

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Another of Star Plus’ featured series is a film classic like “Shogun”, that immerses you in the world of feudal Japan and offers a network of conflicts and alliances that determine the destiny of a country. The remake of that film shows Lord Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada), an ambitious and cunning feudal lord who aspires to become the shgun, the supreme leader of Japan. To achieve this, he must confront the Council of Regents, who consider him a threat, and the Portuguese, who have imposed their Catholic influence on the country.

To highlight, its setting, which recreates 17th century Japan with detail and rigor. It showcases the beauty and complexity of Japanese culture, from its traditions, rituals and customs, to its art, architecture and costumes. It also respects the use of the Japanese language, which is heard in most of the dialogues, which gives authenticity and verisimilitude to the story.

Finally it can be considered a tribute to Akira Toriyama the Serie “Sand Land”, with 13 episodes, which finish premiering on the 27th. Creator of Dragon Ball, Toriyama He died on March 1 and left a legacy in manga that is inescapable.

Set in a desolate world, “Sand Land” It immerses humans and demons in a constant fight for scarce resources. A greedy king controls water, the most precious commodity, while Sheriff Rao desperately searches for a hidden lake. Beelzebub, son of the Demon King, and his assistant Thief, join Rao on this quest. Together, they will face challenges and discover that collaboration between species may be the key to their survival.

The series, whose repercussions did not reach its creator, retains all the classic Toriyama ingredients, such as curious animation, distinctive character design and a plot that combines comedy, action and great chemistry between the characters.

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