Cancer diagnosis: Harry and Meghan send Kate well wishes

Cancer diagnosis: Harry and Meghan send Kate well wishes

The relationship between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William is considered to be broken. After Kate’s cancer diagnosis, Harry and his wife immediately sent well wishes to the princess.

After Princess Kate made her cancer diagnosis public, her brother-in-law Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan spoke out. “We wish Kate and the family health and healing and hope that they can do so privately and in peace,” said a statement from Harry (39) and Meghan (42), whose official title is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex .

The couple retired from their royal duties several years ago and now lives in the USA with their two children. The relationship with the royal family in Great Britain is considered to be broken after various allegations.

When it became known that Harry’s father, King Charles III. (75) is being treated for cancer, Harry traveled to London without further ado. During the short visit he met his father, but according to consistent media reports, he did not meet his brother Prince William (41), heir to the throne and Kate’s husband.

Kate (42) addressed the public in a video message on Friday evening after weeks of speculation about her health. She had abdominal surgery in mid-January and had not appeared in public since. Tests after the operation revealed that there was cancer, she said in the video. On the advice of her medical team, she is now receiving chemotherapy as a precaution.

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