La K’onga adds a fourth date at the Movistar Arena: how and where to get tickets

La K’onga adds a fourth date at the Movistar Arena: how and where to get tickets

The most popular Argentine quartet group in Argentina arrives again at the Buenos Aires stadium.

After the very successful tour of Paraguay, Corrientes, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza, The K’onga double the bet by arriving again Movistar Arena. Now to the shows 13, May 14 and 15 produced by DF Entertainment the date of May 21 is added.

They recently presented “Fama de diabla” with nothing more and nothing less than David Bisbal and Emanerowhich empirically demonstrates the preview of what the group’s show will be at the Buenos Aires stadium.

How and where to get tickets for La K’onga at the Movistar Arena

Tickets for the new date of La K’onga go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26, starting at 1:00 p.m. There are 3 interest-free installments with Santander Amex cards during all stages of the sale. Tickets on sale only through www.movistararena.com.ar


Lead by Nelson Aguirre, Pablo Tamagnini and Diego GranadéLa K’onga was formed in Villa Dolores, Córdoba, in 2000, and today, more than two decades later, it continues to bring the quartet, a genre so popular and unique to Argentine culture, to the whole world with its unmistakable seal. romantic and hyper danceable.

With almost twenty studio albums full of indelible hits like “I Wanted”, “Warrior Heart” With MYA, “Addict”, “Parallel Universe” and “No Longer Back”, the group consolidated a live show with a unique energy, to dance and sing with them from beginning to end. There will be no shortage of songs from their latest release.

After this show, the people from Córdoba will leave for Europe to perform in Ireland, Portugal and in different cities in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Valencia, Málaga, Seville, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, Madrid, and Bilbao, to continue with their mission to bring the best quartet to all corners of the planet.

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