Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa: Different wishes for the gender of the baby

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa: Different wishes for the gender of the baby

After having sons, Pietro Lombardi finally wants a daughter. However, his pregnant fiancée has other ideas.

Singer Pietro Lombardi and his fiancée Laura Maria Rypa still don’t know whether they will have a boy or a girl. The reaction to the revelation could be interesting, as the couple’s wishes for the gender of their second child differ.

Laura Maria Rypa revealed this in a story. When asked about her desired gender for baby number 2, she replied: “Health is the most important thing and in the end it doesn’t matter what it is, but I would be incredibly happy about another boy.” Because she believes that she is “a typical boy’s mom.” The couple already has a son, Leano, 1.

Pietro Lombardi is “Team Girls”

However, things are different with your partner. The “Germany is looking for the superstar” winner of 2011 is already a father of two boys and has son Alessio, 8, with his ex-wife Sarah Engels. That’s why he would now like to have a daughter. “Pietro is team girls,” emphasized Laura Maria Rypa.

So the gender reveal should be exciting. But there will not be a big gender reveal party, as is now common for many influencers. “All this hoopla” was just too much for her, said the pregnant woman. It will take a while for the couple to be sure whether Rypa and Lombardi’s wish will come true: “We won’t find out the gender until I’m back from Poland.”

No other couples podcast planned

Rypa also rejected another project after the baby shower: “There won’t be a podcast for the time being.” The couple doesn’t have time for that. A podcast is a huge investment of time, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi got together in 2020 but quickly broke up. An on-off relationship followed. The couple got engaged in October 2022. From 2013 to 2019 he was married to singer Sarah Engels. The singer has also started a new family: she married again in May 2021. She had daughter Solea with her husband Julian Engels.

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