Shoes stink: what to do? How to combat disgusting smells

Shoes stink: what to do?  How to combat disgusting smells

Our feet sweat particularly heavily not only in the warm summer months, but also during all kinds of sporting activities. In addition, the (wrong) materials in the shoes can contribute to the formation of odors. But what to do if your shoes stink? The star tells you simple tricks.

If our feet (and therefore also our shoes) smell unpleasant, it is not a sign of poor hygiene. In fact, special bacteria in human sweat are responsible for making us smell. And they feel particularly comfortable in moist and warm environments – such as the inside of our shoes. If we take off our sweaty shoes, the bacteria react with the air. This creates unpleasant smells. Unfortunately, these remain stubbornly stuck in the shoes due to regular wear, so they need to be treated every now and then. We have summarized for you below which (home) remedies can help minimize the smell.

Quick help against odors: shoe sprays & powders

You can purchase special shoe sprays to eliminate bad odors in numerous drugstores and online. They are sprayed directly into the shoes and cover the smell with fragrant fragrances – but they do not eliminate the cause. For this reason, it may make sense to equip your shoes with one should be treated regularly as they also fight bacteria (and fungi).

Alternatively, there is microbiological against foot odor, which consists of 99 percent natural ingredients and – according to the manufacturer – should last for up to six months. Or you can use special ones with natural activated carbon, which is placed in the shoes and is intended to absorb and thus neutralize unpleasant odors. According to the manufacturer, these last up to a year.

By the way, there are also special ones that reduce bad smells. However, you should use these with caution as they can sometimes contain harmful ingredients such as skin irritants. Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients and choose a better brand .

Another tip: With one you get up to 50 percent discount on new products from the online shop.

Shoes stink: what to do? The best home remedies

To banish bad smells from worn shoes, you can use proven home remedies – such as:

Baking powder (or baking soda)
If your sneakers stink, you can use a sachet of baking soda (alternatively a teaspoon ) sprinkle in the shoes. Leave the home remedy to work overnight to bind the moisture and remove the powder the next morning – ideally with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Or you can first put the baking powder in an old nylon sock and then tie it up. This saves you the hassle of removing it afterwards.

Citrus fruits
Citrus fruit peels are also said to help neutralize bad odors in shoes. The essential oils they contain develop their effect by placing the peels on the smelly insoles overnight. This trick is supposed to work with all citrus fruits, so it doesn’t matter whether you use a lemon or orange, lime or grapefruit.

As is often the case, coffee is a popular home remedy – including when it comes to eliminating unpleasant odors. Its strong aroma is said to easily neutralize the stench in shoes. Just put some coffee powder (dried) on the insoles and let it work overnight. But be careful: coffee can discolor the soles, so it makes sense to first put the powder in a thin cloth bag or nylon stockings and close it.

Extra tip: Put your smelly shoes in the freezer for 24 hours. The odor-causing bacteria cannot tolerate such cold temperatures. However, beforehand it is advisable to put the shoes in a freezer bag.

Hygiene tips: How to avoid smelly shoes

To prevent bad smells from spreading in your shoes, you can take a few preventative measures:

  1. Wear a fresh pair of socks every day.
  2. Leave worn shoes to dry in the fresh air.
  3. When buying shoes, look for breathable materials.
  4. use which you exchange regularly.
  5. Change your shoes regularly so that they air out long enough.
  6. Clean insensitive shoes (e.g. sneakers) in the washing machine.

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