People: Stephen Colbert takes a stand on jokes about Kate

People: Stephen Colbert takes a stand on jokes about Kate

On his show “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert joked about Princess Kate. Now he refrained from doing so and wished her a speedy recovery.

US talk show host Stephen Colbert has taken a stand after criticism of his jokes about Princess Kate (42). “A lot of my jokes have upset people in the past, and I’m sure some of my jokes will continue to upset people in the future,” said the 59-year-old on Monday on the renowned program “The Late Show”. “But there is one rule that I try to stick to, which is not to make fun of someone else’s tragedy.”

Two weeks ago, Colbert said, he joked about Princess Kate’s mysterious disappearance from the public eye and the furor in the news coverage. “When I made those jokes, it upset some people even before her diagnosis was announced, and I can understand that.” The talk show host wished the royal a speedy recovery.

After weeks of speculation about her health, the British princess and wife of heir to the throne Prince William announced to the public in a very personal video message on Friday that she had been diagnosed with cancer following major abdominal surgery in January. She has now started preventative chemotherapy. Kate asked that her privacy and that of her family be respected.

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