Music: DFB goal anthem “Major Tom” back in the charts after 40 years

Music: DFB goal anthem “Major Tom” back in the charts after 40 years

The hype surrounding “Major Tom” isn’t just big among football fans. The 80s hit returns to the hit list in Germany after more than four decades.

More than 40 years after its release, the single “Major Tom” is back in the German charts. The song, published by Peter Schilling in 1982, returns to the hit list at number 37, as announced by GfK Entertainment, investigator of the Official German Charts. The Neue Deutsche Welle hit recently received a lot of attention, especially among football fans.

Supporters of the German national soccer team had called for an online petition to play “Major Tom” when the DFB team scored goals. The song has recently been heard a lot in the context of the national team because it is played in promotional videos for the new jerseys. Clips also appeared on social media in which past DFB goals were accompanied by the song. During the DFB’s friendly against the Netherlands, “Major Tom” was played after a goal.

“The fans have taken over it and from what I hear, it’s crazy,” said singer Peter Schilling in an interview with WDR 2. “It’s a great honor to be able to play in this concert. After all, this is the national team, what it’s supposed to be about. That’s really great.”

For the fifth time in a row, the song “Beautiful Things” by American singer Benson Boone has landed at the top of the singles charts. Second place goes to “Küssen” by 01099, Gustav & Zachi ahead of “Liebe ist ein Thief” by German rapper Kontra K. At the top of the album charts is Alligatoah with the album “Off”. It is his third number one record after “Triebwerke” and “Sleeping Tablets, Red Wine Part V”. Second place goes to Scooter’s album “Open Your Mind And Your Trousers”. The doctors rank third with a return of “Noise”.

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