Emigrate: which is the city in Spain with the cheapest houses

Emigrate: which is the city in Spain with the cheapest houses

In this town located in the northwest of the Iberian country, the value per square meter is 1,251 euros.

When considering a move to a new city or emigrate to another countryit is crucial to not only evaluate job opportunities and estimated salariesbut also take into account the rental value and the properties in the destination area.

The housing costs They can vary significantly from one place to another. For example, renting or buying an apartment in Berlin or Paris is usually much more expensive than in other European cities. In Spainone of the places most chosen by Argentinians who emigrate, there is a city with the lowest cost per ownership in Europe.

Emigrate: the cities in Spain with the cheapest houses

A report from the real estate portal Photohouse determined in which provincial capitals of Spain the cheapest square meter for foreigners. These are the results:

  • Zamora: €100,067 for an 80m2 apartment (€1251/m2)
  • Jaen: €105,230 for an 80m2 apartment (€1315/m2)
  • Avila: €105,905 for an 80m2 apartment (€1324/m2)
  • Real city: €108,105 for an 80m2 apartment (€1351/m2)
  • Caceres: €110,393 for an 80m2 apartment (€1380/m2)
  • Castellón de la Plana: €110,560 for an 80m2 apartment (€1382/m2)
  • Huelva: €110,560 for an 80m2 apartment (€1382/m2)
  • Lleida: €111,120 for an 80m2 apartment (€1389/m2)
  • lugo: €112,000 for an 80m2 apartment (€1400/m2)
  • Palencia: €117,840 for an 80m2 apartment (€1473/m2)
  • Almeria: €118,800 for an 80m2 apartment (€1485/m2)

Emigrate: which are the most expensive cities in Spain to buy a house

  • Saint Sebastian: 490,560 euros per home (€6,132/m2)
  • Madrid: €4668/m2
  • Barcelona: €4,418/m2
  • palm of Majorca: €4047/m2
  • Bilbao: €3505/m2
  • Malaga: €3233/m2
  • Pamplona/Iruña: 3062 euros/m2

Source: Ambito

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