King Charles attends Easter service in Windsor

King Charles attends Easter service in Windsor

King Charles and Queen Camilla smiled and waved at the Easter service in Windsor. Since the news that he was ill, Charles had only been seen on a few occasions.

On Sunday, the British King Charles (75) and his wife Queen Camilla (76) attended the Easter service in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. The couple appeared smiling and waving as they entered the church in the grounds of Windsor Castle in the morning. When someone from a group of onlookers shouted “Happy Easter!” shouted, the king replied: “You too!”

Charles is wearing a dark coat and blue tie

Charles wore a dark coat and a blue tie. Camilla arrived in a mostly green outfit with a hat. The couple had traveled the short distance from their rooms in the castle to the chapel in the forecourt in a limousine. After a brief greeting from the clergy, they went into the church. It was Charles’ first major public appearance since his cancer diagnosis was announced in February.

Other royals such as Charles’ sister, Princess Anne (73), had already arrived. Heir to the throne Prince William (41), his wife Princess Kate (42) and their children did not take part in the service. Kate recently announced that she also had cancer and was now receiving preventative chemotherapy.

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