Netflix: the film banned in the Middle East that is all the rage in Argentina

Netflix: the film banned in the Middle East that is all the rage in Argentina

It is an erotic cinema film that shows the rawness of the sexual market in Dubai. How much is a woman willing to charge to sleep with a sheikh?


Netflix surprised in recent days with the premiere of a bawdy movie which can be defined as “controversial”, which earned him censorship and bans in some Middle Eastern countries. The film has a strong plot based on real events which puts the focus on Dubai’s sexual market.

Is about The Price of Pleasure (2021)a Polish production that in 2 hours and 21 minutes tries to reflect in a very crude way what it means to be the luxury company of an Arab sheikh in the eastern city.

The movie was directed by Maria Sadowska and since its recent premiere, it has already climbed to third position of the most viewed titles on Netflix Argentina. It is recommended only for people over 18 years of age.

What is “The Price of Pleasure”, a Netflix movie, about?

The film tells the story of Emi, starring Paulina Gazka, an ambitious young woman pursuing success. Faced with a unique opportunity, she decides to become escortrecruiting people to satisfy the desires of the arab sheikhs. However, this world has a dark side that Emi must face.

Trailer for “The Price of Pleasure”, Netflix movie

Embed – The Price of Pleasure – Official Dubbed Trailer – HD – Suspense Movie | Filmelier

Cast of “The Price of Pleasure”

  • Paulina Galazka as “Emi”
  • Katarzyna Figure as “Dorota”
  • Katarzyna Sawczuk as “Mariana”
  • Olga Kalicka as “Kamila.”
  • Giulio Berruti as “Sam.”
  • Józef Pawlowski as “Bartek”
  • Andrea Preti as “Bahir”
  • Iacopo Ricciotti as “Carlito”
  • Luca Molinari as “Santino”
  • Tomasz Sobczak as “Dymitri”
  • Michal Wolny as “Jan”

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