Stephanie Stumph: “We improvise our way through everyday life”

Stephanie Stumph: “We improvise our way through everyday life”

Actress Stephanie Stumph became a mother in June 2002. In an interview, she explains how much this has changed her life.

Stephanie Stumph (39, “Stubbe”) is “incredibly happy and grateful” both privately and professionally, as the actress says. Everything fell into place. She manages the balancing act between her family and her job, also because both are simply important to her. “I love being a mother. But I couldn’t stand just being at home anymore. I really want to work and be creative. That’s why I’ll definitely start writing songs again soon. Music is important for the soul “, she says.

She makes “every effort” for her “healthy, happy child”

She also sings a lot with her son, who will be two in June. “But he’s more into rock music than children’s songs,” the proud mother reveals a sweet detail. But of course the “spirited” little guy doesn’t just sing: “He’s running now and wants to play. We’re desperately looking for a daycare center for our son, which is unfortunately incredibly difficult in Munich,” says Stumph, who was initially able to take him to the film set .

At the moment, she and her partner don’t have much choice but to improvise their way through everyday life, “like all working parents.” And she adds: “It is a great blessing to have a healthy, happy child. We are happy to make any effort to achieve this.”

In addition to the flexibility that the compatibility of family and work requires, the Dresden native’s attitude to life has also changed. Above all, she has become more conscious. “Having a child puts a lot of things into perspective. Whether it’s the concept of success or harmless everyday problems that used to concern me,” she explains. Time together has become precious. “My little one is growing up so quickly and is learning new things every day. Even though I’m working, I want to get as much out of it as possible,” says the actress.

“Getting married is not my priority”

Not only does her little son make her happy, but also her partner, with whom she commutes between Dresden and her adopted home of Munich. Stephanie Stumph appreciates that her dating life is behind her. “I’m glad that this phase of my life is finally over,” she says.

Whether the two will even get married is apparently still up in the air. “I’m not comfortable with contracts,” she says and: “Getting married is not my priority. A child is enough of a contract and is the most beautiful and strongest thing that can bind my husband and I together for life.” Cohesion, making joint decisions, going in the same direction – that’s what counts for the daughter of actor Wolfgang Stumph (78, “Stubbe”) today.

Stephanie Stumph can be seen as an actress in the new season of the crime series “Der Alte” on Friday. It starts on April 5th at 8:15 p.m. with the episode “Crash”.

Source: Stern

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