Shakira’s controversial statement about “Barbie”: she assured that her children hated her

Shakira’s controversial statement about “Barbie”: she assured that her children hated her

Shakira continues the promotion of his new album Women no longer cry, with which he returned to the top of the music streaming charts and record sales, after a 7-year hiatus since he released Golden.

However, his music is not the only thing that is generating a trend, since his controversial statements They are also making headlines; The singer from Barranquilla broke the silence and criticized the film Barbie, and assured that his children hated the movie. “They felt it was emasculating. And I agree,” she stated.

Shakira gave her opinion on the movie Barbie

The Colombian artist Shakira She is the protagonist of the cover of the month of April 2024 of the American magazine specialized in female beauty Allure. There the singer was asked about the film that humanized the iconic North American doll Barbie and whose message the media felt was aligned with that of the Barranquilla woman; However, contrary to what she thought, she is very far from the feminism that the film raises. “I am raising two children. I want them to feel powerful too.”

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Shakira is on the cover of the month of April of Allure magazine where she threw darts against the movie Barbie

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Although Shakira reiterated herself as a symbol of resilience, independence and feminine power thanks to the lyrics of her songs in which she tells her story of heartbreak, she also delivered a clear message that served as a transformative example because she knew how to turn the situation around. tragedy and turned pain into success, the artist who launches taunts against her ex-partner Gerard Piqué in her compositions, seems being that it is not entirely against men as some movements want to make it seem.

An example that supports the above is her perception of the story that humanized Barbie’s perfect life on the big screen in the middle of a perfect universe governed by only women. But that proposal did not go down well with Shakira’s children, Milan and Sasha.

“I think that men have a purpose in society and women also have another purpose. We complement each other and that complement should not be lost,” she commented.

While the singer from Barranquilla put her tears aside to resume her path in the music industry, turning them into diamonds with which she now makes a profit, Barbie It conflicts with the ideal that the world can only be perfect if women take charge and dominate power. HoweverShakira does not think the same as the message of the film, starring Margot Robbie, and which was directed by Greta Gerwig’s.

“I like pop culture when it tries to empower women without depriving men of their ability to be men, to protect and provide as well,” he clarified. On the other hand, the Colombian singer expressed the need to show women that they are capable of doing everything, but without that meaning they have to do everything at the same time, taking the burden off men of carrying their share of the weight. “I believe in giving women all the tools and the confidence that they “We can do everything without losing our essence, without losing our femininity.”, he added.

Shakira’s opinion on feminism in cinema

Without filters and without reservations Shakira stated her opinion on feminism in cinema and the importance of promoting equality for both women and men, because She remembered that she is a mother of two and also wants her children to be as powerful as their mother. The Barranquilla native also shared that the objective of her music is to release women’s feelings, something that they had repressed.

“In the past, when women went through a difficult situation, they were expected to mind their manners, hide the pain and cry silently. That ended. Now no one will control us. “No one will tell us how to heal, how to clean our wounds.”

Regarding the standards and prototypes of female beauty, Shakira also recognized that she has used her sensuality and physical attributes as channels to transmit her feelings and, in the process, to conquer part of her audience. On the other hand, she assured that she was not aware of her beauty, but that she knew that grooming her would be part of her

“Of course, from time to time I would put on mascara and straighten my hair. I felt sexy and used that raw sensuality many times on stage as a way of expressing myself. But I think I trust in other abilities more than just beauty,” he concluded.

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