Alpha Males: when does the third season premiere on Netflix

Alpha Males: when does the third season premiere on Netflix
Alpha Males: when does the third season premiere on Netflix

Filming has already begun on the third installment of the successful Spanish series that questions machismo through humor and sarcasm.

With a particular and interesting way of adding humor to the main questions of feminism that many men face, the Spanish production Alpha Males was a sensation throughout the world and gained public recognition in Netflix. That is why there will be a third season.

The series filmed in Madrid that focuses on the lives of four friends in their forties who seek to adapt to the current society of empowered women in which they feel very lost. Machos Alfa has two seasons and recently The release date of the third was announced.

Alpha Males: this is the release date of the third season

A few days after celebrating 2 months of the premiere of the second installment of the series, which arrived on the platform on February 9, the Spanish production company behind Machos Alfa announced that They are already working on the third part.

Yes ok They did not make the exact release date official.taking into account that the previous seasons took approximately approximately to produce, record and release, we can deduce that The third season of Alpha Males could be available in the first quarter of 2025.

On February 12, protagonist Gorka Otxoa, who plays Santi in the series, responded to a user on X (ex Twitter) who wondered if there would be a third season. The Spanish actor wrote: “Well done!!!! In three weeks we start filming the third one!!!”.

tweet gorka.webp

Capture of the Machos Afla actor's post.

Capture of the Machos Afla actor’s post.

Alpha Males: what the Netflix series is about

The series follows four friends who watch them lose their throne, their privileges and their identity., when masculinity is in crisis. Years ago they would have been the alpha males in charge of their relationships, their jobs and their lives, but they have had to live in the era of equality; in a society with new rules that put them in their place and show how pathetic they are.

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