Dispute over transphobic statements: Author JK Rowling wants to be arrested

Dispute over transphobic statements: Author JK Rowling wants to be arrested

“Harry Potter” author JK Rowling is once again at the center of public controversy. She called on the authorities to arrest her.

The British writer JK Rowling (58) is fuming after a change in the law in her adopted home of Scotland. The “Harry Potter” author apparently feels herself being addressed by the amendment of regulations in the fight against hate speech at the beginning of April. In one of numerous recent posts on this topic, she is now calling on the police to arrest her. In the past, Rowling has repeatedly contradicted the Scottish government’s liberal course in connection with the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, especially with regard to trans people.

: “Freedom of speech and belief is at an end in Scotland when accurately describing one’s biological sex is viewed as criminal.” She is currently abroad, but if what she wrote in the past constitutes a crime, she looks forward to being arrested. Specifically, she responded to statements by a minister who stated that in the future an investigation could be launched if a person’s gender was misrepresented on the Internet.

JK Rowling is accused of open trans-hostility

In Scotland, the “Hate Crime and Public Order” that came into force criminalized not only racially motivated acts and calls for hatred, but also those based on age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or trans identity. Numerous critics complain that the authorities could be overwhelmed by countless complaints. Freedom of expression is also at risk. In addition, there was criticism that women were not included in the protected groups. However, the Scottish government has already announced another law that will focus on combating misogyny.

Rowling has been criticizing trans people’s open approach to their identity and gender roles for many years. She has already quarreled with politicians on several occasions. In a post from 2022, Rowling, who describes herself as a feminist, called, among other things, for a “no to self-identification.” Among other things, she speaks out against the term “people who menstruate” and argues that people born as biological women or men will remain women or men throughout their lives. Many trans activists therefore accuse her of open trans hostility.

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