Princess Kate: Charlotte, George and Louis are her biggest supports

Princess Kate: Charlotte, George and Louis are her biggest supports

For weeks people were wondering online how Princess Kate was doing. Kensington Palace waited a long time to make a statement, too long for some critics. What role the royal children played in the timing.

In an emotional video almost two weeks ago, Princess Kate announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. The announcement followed many communication errors from the palace and a never-ending discussion on the Internet. Considered by critics to be too late, the timing of the video certainly made sense. “We now understand the logic of the timing – she waited until the kids got out of school. And she hit the perfect note,” royal expert Sally Bedell Smith told People magazine.

Princess Kate and Prince William: Their children come first

Prince William and Princess Kate would have wished that their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, could finish school in peace and go on vacation before their mother’s illness was discussed in public. “The children are at the center of their world,” a family source told the American celebrity magazine. The royal kids are currently enjoying their Easter holidays, which will last until April 17th. Most likely the public will only hear anything new about the Wales couple after the school holidays. Having her children around will be Kate’s greatest support, says the source. “The children’s extraordinary resilience is encouraging,” said the family friend.

As heir to the throne, Prince William in particular currently has a lot of responsibility. In addition to his wife, his father, King Charles III, the monarch of Great Britain is also ill. According to People, William doesn’t want to let this influence him too much. His wife’s health is more important than the institution of royalty, it seems. “William was always aware that there would be a lot of pressure on him. He is well prepared for it and has his priorities in order. They are clearly with his family, everything else can wait. In the time of crisis, William and Kate withdraw “, concentrate on the children,” said the friend.

In her video, Kate revealed how she told her children about her cancer diagnosis. “I told them that I’m doing well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that help me get healthy – in my mind, my body and my soul,” said the future queen. “Having William by my side is also a great source of comfort and reassurance,” she said.


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