Taylor Swift became the first singer to become a billionaire solely for her music

Taylor Swift became the first singer to become a billionaire solely for her music

The multi-award-winning American artist Taylor Swift This Tuesday he officially joined the small group of billionaires, according to the magazine Forbes. With an estimated net worth of 1.1 billion dollarsbecame the first singer to achieve this achievement solely thanks to income from her music.

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Jimmy Buffett are the other musical artists who had already entered the exclusive circle of billionaires, but with investments in activities not directly related to music.

In less than a year, the fortune of the 34-year-old singer took an enormous leap: she started from the base of 360 million dollars and reached this Tuesday 1.1 billionlargely thanks to the economic effects derived from his world tour “The Eras Tour”, 152 dates.

According to various estimates, “The Eras Tour” is on track to become the concert series highest grossing in music historywith returns of more than 1 billion dollars.

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Taylor Swift broke all records with her “Eras Tour.”

Taylor Swift, officially a billionaire: what her assets are made up of

Forbes estimates that, from the beginning of her career, Swift earned more than 500 million dollars for copyrights and concerts.

Swift not only performs and writes all of her songs, but she also produces them, which multiply your sources of income.

Furthermore, 3 years ago he began re-recording his first six albums, of which I didn’t have the original recording rightsthat his old record company, Big Machine, refused to sell him in the middle of a judicial intersection. To date, he has already released new versions of four of these six albums and is expected to finish the re-recording process in the coming years.

According to Forbes, his musical catalog is valued at around 500 million dollars.

The magazine also pointed out that to this fortune are added properties totaling 125 million dollars and a private jet, estimated at 10 million.

The sharp increase in his personal assets is also due to the movie “The Eras Tour”where you can see Swift’s more than three-hour concert, which grossed $261 million at the global box office.

Taylor Swift’s growth does not seem to have an end in sight. To her fortune will be added the profits she will have from the April 19 with the release of their new album “The Tortured Poets Department”.

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