Joe Flaherty: Actor dies after brief illness

Joe Flaherty: Actor dies after brief illness

Actor and comedian Joe Flaherty has died at the age of 82. He was best known for his comedic roles.

The actor and comedian Joe Flaherty (1941-2024) is dead. The American died on April 1st at the age of 82, as his daughter Gudrun confirmed in a statement.

“He left us yesterday after a short illness, and since then I have been struggling to come to terms with this immense loss,” it says, among other things. Her father was an extraordinary person, “known for his boundless heart and his unbroken passion for films from the 40s and 50s.” In the past few months she has had the opportunity to watch many of these films with her father. These are moments that she will remember forever.

Above all, Flaherty was a loving father, the deceased’s daughter continues. “No matter the occasion, he was always there with a laugh or a word of wisdom when I needed it most. […] His spirit, his humor and his love will forever be a part of me. My father was a kind, sweet soul who blessed all who knew him and all who loved his work.”

One comedy role after another

Flaherty was born in Pittsburgh in 1941 and came to a wide audience in the 1970s primarily through the Canadian sketch comedy show “Second City Television” (SCTV) alongside colleagues such as Martin Short (74) and John Candy (1950-1994). known. The actor then made a name for himself primarily as an actor in comedic film and series productions. He was seen, among other things, in the Adam Sandler comedy “Happy Gilmore”, in “Police Academy – The Series”, in “Maniac Mansion” and in “Totally Wrong, Full of Life”.

“In our more than 50 years of friendship, there have been few people as wise and funny as Joe when it comes to comedy, teaching improvisation and the art of character work. […] “I just adored him,” Short told Variety in a statement.

On (57) to speak. He admired Flaherty when he was growing up: “He always made me and my brother laugh. […] The nicest guy you could know. A genius of a comedian. And a real treasure. A perfect combination.”

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