Luke Mockridge: The comedian’s life in pictures

Luke Mockridge: The comedian’s life in pictures

In the summer of 2019, Luke Mockridge stands on the stage of the TV Garden and imitates a monkey. He eats a banana and makes fart noises, which most people in the audience don’t find funny. Mockridge receives boos, and for days there seems to be no other topic than the comedian’s failed performance. He will later say that he came up with the jokes together with children.

It was the first big scandal for Luke Mockridge. What only a few people knew at the time: A few months earlier, Mockridge’s ex-girlfriend Ines Anioli had told him about an abusive ex in her podcast. It won’t come out until 2021: It was about Mockridge, Anioli accuses him of raping her during their relationship. The investigation initiated by the public prosecutor’s office was discontinued, confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office at the end of 2020. Nevertheless, a shitstorm developed against him on social media. , Mockridge also behaved aggressively towards other women. Sat 1 ended the collaboration and the comedian temporarily withdrew from the public. In an interview with the star The comedian now talks about his withdrawal from the public, suicidal thoughts and life after the shitstorm.

Source: Stern

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