Emigrate: the 50 surnames that have priority to process Italian citizenship

Emigrate: the 50 surnames that have priority to process Italian citizenship

The Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires communicated a list of names that have an advantage to start the procedures.

Process Italian citizenship became a great tool for those who want emigrate and settle in some European country. With citizens you can request the italian passportwhich allows you to travel to Europe and many other countries in the world without a visa requirement (for example, the United States).

Recently, the Italian Consulate reported that there is a surname list who have greater facilities for start the procedures. Those who have some of these names linked with the Italian nationalitythey will have a great first step resolved to advance the citizenship application process.

What are the 50 surnames that facilitate the process of Italian citizenship

  • Abate, Abà, Labate, Abatino, Abatantuono, Abaterusso, Abaticola, Achilla, Achille, Achilleo, Achillini. Anes, Anesin, Anesini, Annes, Annesi, Annesin.
  • Chiletti, Chiloni, Chilesotti.
  • Deanesi, De Anesi, Bianco, Bianchi, Dal Bianco, Bianchini, Bianchetti, Biancone, Lo Bianc, Bottari, Bottarelli, Bottarini, Bottarin, Bottaro.
  • Espósito, Espositi, Degli Sposti, Fiore, Di Fiore, Fiorelli, Fiorucci, Fiorio, Fioribello, Flores, Giovannetti, Di Giovanni, Della Giovanna.
  • Giannelli, Giannoli, Giani, Giannelli, Giannetti, Da Rossa, Lo Russo, La Russa, Larossa, La Russa, Larussa, Larossa, La Rossa.
  • Natale, Natali, Natalino, Nalato, Nadali, Nalesso, Nadin, Ricci, Riccio, Rizzi, Rizzo, Rizza, Rizzati, Risso, Lo Riccio, La Riccia, La Rizza, Ricciuto, Sorace, Soraci, Surace, Suraci, Soracca, Soracchi , Soracco.
  • Zanella, Zanoli, Zannier, Vani, Vannucci, Vannicelli, Vanno, Vani, Vanetto.

It is essential to clarify that, despite having one of these surnames, those interested in processing citizenship must still comply with the requirements established and present the documentation necessary before the consulate corresponding to your city.


Italian passport, one of the most demanded in Europe.

Italian passport, one of the most demanded in Europe.

Italian citizenship: what are the requirements

Before starting the procedures and getting an appointment at the Consulate, you must take into account any of these three options to see if you can start the procedures and become a citizen of Italy.

  • By paternal line: There are no restrictions on the number of generations.
  • On the maternal line: the son or daughter of an Italian citizen must have been born after January 1, 1948.
  • For marriages celebrated before April 27, 1983: A foreign woman married to an Italian citizen automatically obtains Italian citizenship.

Italian citizenship: how to get a turn in Argentina

To acquire the Italian citizenship by descentItalian descendants must follow a process that includes:

  • Access the website of the Italian consulate corresponding to your jurisdiction.
  • Complete the required information, including personal data.
  • Receive two emails with a unique code and account confirmation.
  • Reserve an appointment to start the process of obtaining citizenship. It is recommended to follow the consulate’s Twitter account to be aware of the availability of appointments.
  • Check the availability of appointments in the “My Appointments” section and complete the form according to the instructions provided.

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