Hidden paradise: the town less than two hours from Bariloche that has crystal clear waters and a magical forest

Hidden paradise: the town less than two hours from Bariloche that has crystal clear waters and a magical forest

The place is in Neuquén and brings together all the condiments of Patagonia, added to a beautiful submerged forest that will dazzle you.

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The Argentine Patagonia It is a natural treasure that dazzles with its diversity and unmatched beauty. Crystalline lakes, beautiful mountain peaks, streams and enormous forests of native species are hidden in it. In Neuquén, near Bariloche and San Martín de los Andes, there is a hidden town that brings all of that together: This is Villa Traful.

This small town of less than 1,000 inhabitants stands out for being located on the shores of Lake Traful, a beautiful mirror of crystal-clear waters ideal for sailing. Also, the famous submerged forest stands out, an ecosystem of native trees that sank and remained under the water of the lake.

For all this, Villa Traful was one of the seven small towns in Argentina that were candidates to be the most beautiful in the world in the 2023 edition of the Best Tourism Villages.

What to do in Villa Traful, Neuquén

At Villa Traful you can make a variety of activities to explore its impressive natural landscapes. We list some:

  • Enjoy the lake and all its activities: kayaking in the turquoise waters of Lake Traful, practicing paddleboarding (SUP), and sailing by boat to an island surrounded by mountains. In Traful you can also fish and dive in the famous submerged forest.
  • Make trekking: You can walk along trails that offer spectacular views of the mountain range, discover waterfalls along the trails. The best known are the walk to the Arroyo Blanco and Coaco waterfall, to the Ñivinco Waterfall (located on the RN40), or go trekking to the Black Hill, whose duration is 6 hours and departs from the center of Traful. The most recommended is the hike to the Mellizas lagoons, since it combines trekking with navigation (you have to cross the lake by boat and then follow the path to the lagoons, on the way back, the same boat must pick you up on the beach to return to the town).
  • Go horseback ridingAnother option is to take a horseback ride along different circuits, such as the coast of Lake Traful, mountain trails and also to the Arroyo Blanco waterfall. Some last a few hours and others several days.

At Turismo Villa Traful you can obtain more information about options, providers and rates; +54 9 2944 61-4570.

Diving in the submerged forest of Villa Traful..webp

Diving in the submerged forest of Villa Traful.

Diving in the submerged forest of Villa Traful.

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How to get to Villa Traful from Bariloche

Villa Traful is 100 km north of Bariloche, in the neighboring province of Neuquén. You have to take national route 237 Confluencia, turn west towards Traful along provincial route 65 (gravel road). From there it is 35 km.

Another option is to take Route 40, pass through Villa La Angostura and take the famous Route of the 7 Lakes. Turn right at the Villa Traful detour and access the town via provincial route 65. This option has more paved kilometers.

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