Pet translator: how Artificial Intelligence works to understand your dog or cat

Pet translator: how Artificial Intelligence works to understand your dog or cat

The organization Earth Species Project (ESP) seeks to create a GPT Chat but for pets, with what objective?

The project of a application which will work like translator for your pets. The news was published by its developer, the organization Earth Species Project (ESP). The objective of this tool based on Artificial intelligence It will be empathizing with other species through communication.

The non-profit institution seeks to create solutions to remedy the impact of species conservation on earth. With this mission, he studies the languages ​​of animals in search of understanding their needs.

Earth Species Project argues that: “There are more than 8 million species on the planet but we only understand the language of one.” The organization indicates that it began with a function that was capable of translating human language, without the need for a dictionary. Since then, they have mobilized for the exponential progress that understanding animals would mean.

Pet translator: how the app will work with artificial intelligence

Earth Species Project1.png

Earth Species Project

ESP seeks to interpret the records of animals to find the meanings in them.

A specialized group of engineers, technologists and other professionals came together to make records of sounds, movements and vibrations that emit each of the species. They evaluate how they interact with each other and, with the help of AI, try to decode each meaning.

The objective is to gather a large sample that is transferred to a database in order to try interpret data and learn from it. The goal would be to reach the first translations in order to reach communication between species. Although it is unknown how long until this moment.

ESP acoustic engineer and neurobiologist Sara Keen describes that this tool could work as a ChatGPT for animals. It would be an algorithm with the ability to predict what communication signals will come based on the behavior of the animal. The idea is to develop a tool that biologists can use to recognize these signals, not know the entire language of a species.

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