Stefano Zarrella: Sad after his “Let’s Dance” exit

Stefano Zarrella: Sad after his “Let’s Dance” exit

One day after his departure from “Let’s Dance”, Stefano Zarrella spoke up with emotional words.

Food creator Stefano Zarrella (33) shed bitter tears after his “Let’s Dance” exit on Friday evening (April 5th). And a day later he was “very sad”. He revealed on Instagram that he couldn’t sleep all night.

The influencer couldn’t score points with the viewers with the samba

While his big brother Giovanni Zarrella (46) was able to get fourth place in 2017, Stefano Zarrella had to dance in the fifth edition on RTL and RTL+. He didn’t even receive the fewest points for his samba from the jurors Jorge González (56), Motsi Mabuse (42) and Joachim Llambi (59). González even noticed an improvement: “Today it’s time to fight. You fought. That was good.” The performance was rewarded with 19 points – but the audience probably didn’t want to see Zarrella and his dance partner Mariia Maksina (27) go any further. The 33-year-old reacted to his expulsion with tears – and showed himself in tears shortly afterwards in an Instagram story: “The journey is over.” He thanked his fans for their support: “You were really sweet and supported us wherever you could. We really appreciate that. Love you.”

A day later, he spoke up again with a longer post and revealed: “I’m very sad and can’t really realize that my journey on ‘Let’s Dance’ is over. I’m going through so much right now head and it’s incredibly emotional for me. I couldn’t close my eyes all night.” He had “so much fun” and was able to “put the tension aside more and more and enjoy the dance more” in the last two shows. After all, he loves dancing very much.

“The best dance partner I could ask for”

Finally, he thanked the entire “Let’s Dance” crew and his colleagues. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you for the rest of the journey, you’re rocking it.” He also had big praise for professional dancer Maksina: “Maria was the best dance partner I could have wished for, I was able to learn so much, you motivated me and showed me how much fun dancing can be, but also hard Work and the passion it takes to reach people. You professionals have my utmost respect.”

Change of partner surprises the celebrities

In the next edition on Friday, April 12th, from 8:15 p.m. the remaining celebrities will be told: partner swap. Joachim Llambi’s announcement for the sixth live show caused great doubts among many candidates: “I didn’t expect it at all and I don’t think it’s good, I’ll be completely honest!” said choreographer Detlef D! Soost (53) . Comedian Tony Bauer (28) emphasized: “I just want to move forward so I can dance with her again,” referring to his actual dance partner Anastasia Stan (26).

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