Zendaya on “Vogue”: Criticism of star photographer Annie Leibovitz

Zendaya on “Vogue”: Criticism of star photographer Annie Leibovitz

Actress Zendaya graces the cover of the May issue of “Vogue”. She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. The star photographer is repeatedly accused of not knowing how to properly portray black women – and now there is criticism.

When “Vogue” presented its cover star for the May issue, there was immediate criticism online. The reason was the photos of superstar Zendaya, which star photographer Annie Leibovitz shot for the magazine. The American has been accused for some time of not knowing how to properly present black women. And so the Zendaya cover became a topic of conversation online.

Zendaya on “Vogue”: Criticism of Annie Leibovitz’s photography style

One photo of Zendaya in particular, which looks a bit gloomy, is causing a stir. Zendaya’s face is not well lit, they say. “At this point we have to assume that Annie Leibovitz is doing this on purpose,” said one user on X, formerly Twitter.

Not only did she post the picture of the “Dune” actress, but also photos of other famous Black women who had posed in front of Leibovitz’s lens. “How often does Annie Leibovitz have to hear criticism about the way she photographs black women?” asks another.

The criticism of Leibovitz’s work is not new. It wasn’t until 2022 that the photographer caused controversy with her photos of US judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Brown Jackson posed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Many people found it inappropriate that the place chosen to honor Abraham Lincoln was inappropriate. “It seems a bit like, ‘Lincoln freed the slaves and look what they accomplished,'” one user wrote at the time.

Beyoncé created a milestone

In addition, Leibovitz’s light also caused angry reactions. “You can hardly see them. Please learn how to illuminate dark skin tones better,” was just one comment of many. There were similar reactions to Leibovitz’s photos of athlete Simone Biles in 2020. Her photographs of tennis legend Serena Williams were also not well received. All the women appear pale and depressed in the photos.

People of color in particular repeatedly demand that more black photographers should be employed. Superstar Beyoncé achieved a milestone in 2018 when she asked photographer Tyler Mitchell for her “Vogue” cover. Not only was Mitchell only 23 years old, but he also became the first black photographer to shoot the cover of the legendary fashion magazine.


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