José María Saluzzi and Juan Fracchi present “Escape Music Volume 2”

José María Saluzzi and Juan Fracchi present “Escape Music Volume 2”

José María Saluzzi & Juan Fracchi They present their second album at Bebop: “Música de Escape Volume 2”. Saluzzi and Fracchi They have been working together for more than twelve years. Throughout this time they have conceived and created various musical projects with music of their own, to which they added remakes of some classics. Always with an idea of ​​renewal of the language and interpretation of Argentine Music in its combination with other genres. These results can be seen in the album “Cauces”, by the homonymous quintet, and in “Lugar”, an album by the Saluzzi Fracchi Bisgaard Trio, together with the Danish drummer Ulrik Bisgaard, which received excellent reviews in Argentina and Europe.

As a duo they have developed a unique language and way of interpreting. His music encompasses jazz, tango, folklore and chamber music with its own sound and identity, without falling into genre stereotypes. The album contains original compositions by Saluzzi and Fracchi, a version of the tango Niebla del Riachuelo and another of the zamba La Tristecita.

José María Saluzziguitars and composition

Juan Fracchidouble bass, acoustic bass and composition

José María Saluzzi is a guitarist and composer born in Buenos Aires in 1975, into a family of musicians. Son of maestro Dino Saluzzi, Argentine composer and bandoneon player, from a very young age, José María demonstrated a natural talent for music and grew up in a very favorable environment, where music was sustenance and a channel of communication. He grew up surrounded by international musicians and was with his father in the best studios and concert halls in the world. First, accompanying him since he was a child as a son and witness of his extraordinary international artistic career, and from a very young age, as a musician, recording for the first time as a drummer and percussionist on the prestigious record label ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) Mojotoro (1991) to his 16 years.

From his first recording in ECM, he will begin the path that will take him through various cities around the world playing with his father on tours, concerts and recordings. At 18, he made a professional turn and decided to dedicate himself to the guitar, an instrument in which he achieved great technical and artistic development. At only twenty years of age, she recorded Cité de la Musique (ECM, 1996) with her father as guitarist, a work of a delicacy and intensity rarely seen, where a trio of double bass, guitar and bandoneon create very moving. After living in Europe, and sharing different artistic projects with international musicians, and also alternating with the Argentine musical scene, between 2011 and 2013 he co-produced the album El valle de la infancy for the ECM label, which It is the last record of the Saluzzi family, made entirely in the family’s own studios in Buenos Aires. Also since 2016, he has formed the trio “Saluzzi-Fracchi Bisgaar”, together with the double bassist Juan Fracchi and the Danish percussionist Ulrik Bisgaar, with whom proposes an acoustic musical approach combining Argentine folkloric airs, tango airs and Nordic jazz climates.

This trio has performed at the 2018 edition of the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival, as well as at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the Aarhus Jazz Festival in Denmark, and during 2019 the album “Lugar” was presented, which was released the sale in 2020, and earned numerous praise from the press. Since 2021 he has made presentations with the José María Saluzzi Ensemble at the Kirchner Cultural Center and various venues in Buenos Aires. Likewise, he has performed as a duet with Dino Saluzzi and with the Saluzzi Family in the province of Salta.

Juan Fracchi He works in both jazz and tango. He made 11 European tours with the Saluzzi-Fracchi-Bisgaard trio 2019/2018/2017, Maldonado 2017 and the Cuesta Arriba trio from 2005 to 2012.

He participated in the following cycles and festivals: Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017, Aarhus Jazz Festival 2017, Tarbes en Tango Festival 2017 and 2012 (France), “Buenos Aires Jazz” 2018, 2017 and 2011. “Coffee and Culture” (Secretariat of Culture of la Nación 2015, 2007), Cañuelas Jazz 2019, Pehuajo Tango Festival 2019 and 2015, Almirante Brown Tango Festival 2018, 5 Jazz Festival of the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia 2013), 7 Meeting of Jazz musicians a la Calle (Mercedes, Uruguay 2013), Concert series of the Library of the National Congress (2012). “Music and Origin” at the ND Ateneo, First Biennial of Art and Painting of the Chaco (2011), “Guitarras del Mundo” (Misiones, 2005), “Notable Cafes and Bars” (2005, 2006 and 2007 editions), Tango Festival of the Ojo de las Artes Theater (Pinamar 2006), concerts for the relaunch of the albums Tango en la Universidad and A Evaristo Carriego, by maestro Eduardo Rovira, in the Golden Hall of the Buenos Aires Legislature and at the National University of the Litoral (Santa Fé), Cycle “A cielo Abierto” (Municipality of Morón), “The Night of the Museums”, “Tango de Wednesday” at the Cooperation Cultural Center, among others.

He played with great musicians of the Argentine music scene: Dino Saluzzi, Nicolás “Colacho” Brizuela, Claudio “Pino” Enriquez, Hernán Ríos, Facundo Guevara, Nora Sarmoria, Franco Luciani, Lisandro Aristimuño, Florencia Ruiz, Ariel Minimal Sergio Verdinelli and Juan Subirá , among others.

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