He cooked barbecues for artists and celebrities and opened his own grill in Palermo

He cooked barbecues for artists and celebrities and opened his own grill in Palermo

Casa Pasto is a new grill in Palermo that opened its doors in January of this year, led by Nacho Bravo, a renowned grill chef among artists and celebrities. The specialist transports his roast catering and people receive him in their homes so he can cook the roast meat with details and secrets that make it unique. Calling on a meat processing plant he trusted, which provides him with excellent quality Angus and Hereford breed cuts, he was encouraged to carry out his own open-door project right in front of La Plaza Armenia, a true foodie hub. There you can try meat from heavy steers, raised 100% on pasture and selected especially for this place, accompanied by seasonal organic vegetables from Finca Tres Raíces, a small certified organic producer, from the town of Rawson (Province of Buenos Aires). ), which makes the menu vary each season. Literally all products go from farm to table.

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Advised by an architecture studio, Nacho remodeled an old house, filling it with dark colors on its walls and floors that, combined with the Guayubira wood of the tables and chairs, the iron of the railings and stairs and the natural light that enters through its ceiling , it gives a very warm feeling. In addition, the place has a covered deck on the sidewalk with capacity for ten people.

To start, the bread box comes with sourdough country bread. Then, as an appetizer, the menu offers achuras and sausages, such as 100% pork chorizo, blood sausage or sweetbreads (the latter are made candied and served with caramelized lemon and corn cream).

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As a main course, different cuts are proposed, among which there is never a lack of chorizo ​​steak, beef eye, entraña and asado banderita. To accompany them they have salads or vegetable dishes, of which it is suggested to try the tomato platter, the carrot and beet platter, the kale salad or the kale, arugula and radish salad. Additionally, you can order French fries, which are triple cooked and served very crispy.

The menu includes a limited dessert section, with very “silver” options with an original twist. One of the recommended ones is the flan, which went through several tests until the final recipe was achieved.

At the bar, bartender Ailén Álvarez shines, who to pair with the meats created some cocktails, such as the Banana Scotch (J&B, cocoa, walnut and banana oil), the Eva (tequila, apple juice, cinnamon, honey, ginger and soda), or El Viejo (bourbon, golden rum, cinnamon, vanilla and walnut perfume), among others.

As it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to midnight, you need to book in advance.

Address: Nicaragua 4557, Palermo.

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