The simple makeup trick to keep your concealer from cracking

The simple makeup trick to keep your concealer from cracking

There is an effective technique that promises to keep the concealer in perfect condition for longer, avoiding unwanted expression lines and wrinkles that may appear after its application.


The world of makeup is full of secrets and tricks that serve to achieve the best beauty results. For many people, concealer has become an essential product to try to achieve a perfect result, as it helps hide blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections that may exist on the face.

However, Sometimes we may find that the concealer cracks., causing visible wrinkles and lines that harm our appearance. Fortunately, there is a makeup trick to avoid this.



What is the trick to make the concealer last intact?

The trick is in grab a triangular spongewhich is usually used to seal powder on the face and, in this case, for the application and to blend the concealer.

The application is similar to using makeup sponges: once the concealer has been applied in the desired way under the eyes, Proceed to tap lightly with the powder puff, moving to both sides until the product is completely integrated with the skin.

What does the triangular sponge help with?

The powder sponge allows apply makeup evenly and smoothlywithout pulling on the skin or leaving brush marks, with the additional advantage that it does not absorb as much product as other products do.

These characteristics cause a perfect finish to be achieved and the area under the eyes to be smoother, reducing the chances of cracking, especially in combination with setting powder.

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