The hidden waterfall of Misiones that is near Iguazú: it measures 64 meters and impresses with its beauty

The hidden waterfall of Misiones that is near Iguazú: it measures 64 meters and impresses with its beauty

It is not as well known as Iguazú Falls, but they say it impacts visitors almost in the same way.

Despite being one of the most famous tourist sites in the country – and perhaps in the world -, the wonderful province of Misionesknown for the Iguazú National Park and its waterfalls, continues to have well-kept secrets, little visited places and special sites reserved for tourists seeking other adventures.

One of them is the Enchanted Leapa stunning hidden waterfall 64 meters high, within the Salto Encantado National Park. It is located just 152 km from Posadas, the provincial capital, and 205 km from Puerto Iguazú.

What to do in Salto Encantado Provincial Park

The park was founded in 1991 with the objective of preserving large sectors of the Misionera Jungle and the waterfalls, according to specialists. essential natural area for the health of the planet and the flora and fauna that lives there. The place includes a total area of ​​13,227 hectares of vegetation crossed by the Cuña Pirú Stream, whose water falls 64 meters in the majestic Salto Encantado.

In addition to the beautiful aquifer spectacle, the park stands out for being the natural habitat of 36 species of mammals, among which the Yaguareté stands out; 214 birds; and from large trees such as guayubiras, to small plants that cover the ground such as ferns and mosses.

The Park can be visited every day of the year. It has services, structure and trails that allow you to enjoy the nature of the Misiones jungle to the fullest. The Enchanted Falls can be seen from various panoramic points in the park, making it its main attraction.

enchanted jump missions.jpeg

It is open all year.

It is open all year.

How to get to Salto Encantado from Iguazú

To get from Puerto Iguazú to Salto Encantado you have to take Provincial Route 12 for 140 kilometers, then join National Route 11 and travel 50 more kilometers. There take Provincial Route 14 that leads to the destination.

The closest town is Aristóbulo del Valle.

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