Isabell Horn: Sweet declaration of love after ten years

Isabell Horn: Sweet declaration of love after ten years

After ten years of relationship, Isabell Horn emphasizes that she loves her partner more than ever before.

Actress Isabell Horn (40) has been together with financial specialist Jens Ackermann (39) for ten years. For the anniversary, she released a sweet video that shows the two of them looking familiar, laughing and crying together. She also made a big declaration of love to the father of her two children.

“A whole decade with ups and downs”

She wrote about the reel: “10 years – crazy, wild and full of love!” She doesn’t hide the fact that there weren’t always only positive moments: “A whole decade with ups and downs.” There were moments when she wanted to “give up” everything, but she “persevered.” Last year in particular, the couple’s everyday life changed completely: they emigrated to Sweden and thereby fulfilled their dream of living in nature. They now live with their daughter and son in an idyllic red Swedish house by the lake. Both of them still commute regularly to Germany for work. Isabell Horn shows family life on her Instagram profile and on YouTube.

“And now, here in Sweden, we are at a new beginning together with our two wonderful children,” she added in her anniversary post. “Through all these years I have learned that love does not have to be perfect, but real. And our love is real, deep and unwavering.” Then she thanked her Jens for being “my partner in crime.” The 40-year-old concluded her declaration of love with the words: “Here’s to the next 10 years full of love, laughter and crazy adventures! I love you more than ever.”

You regret the vasectomy

The couple only revealed in an interview with “Bunte” at the end of March that they were not going through an easy time. You could imagine a third child – but Jens Ackermann had a vasectomy after the birth of the second child. “I feel like our family isn’t complete yet,” admitted Horn. “I’m in tears as soon as I say that. I’m afraid we made a mistake. We should have waited to have the vasectomy.”

The couple has daughter Ella (7) and son Fritz (4). Isabell Horn became known for her role as Pia Koch in “Good Times, Bad Times” (2009-2014 and 2015). She was also seen in the RTL series “Everything that counts” (2015-2016). From 2020 to the beginning of 2024 she was part of the ZDF series “Betty’s Diagnosis”.

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