Comeback from Stefan Raab: Advertising master follows up with video

Comeback from Stefan Raab: Advertising master follows up with video

Now Matze Knop is also getting involved: advertising master publishes new video with references to Stefan Raab.

With a new video, the advertising master is fueling rumors that it has something to do with a suspected comeback by Stefan Raab (57). Illegal parking hunter Niclas M. (18) posted a clip on Sunday (April 14th). But you can’t see him himself, but Matze Knop (49). The comedian imitates the advertising master and photographs incorrectly parked cars and bicycles.

“I can’t reveal everything now,” says Matze Knop, aka advertising manager, in the video. “There’s a bit of something behind it. You already guess what.” The real advertising master hints at what could be behind it with the hashtags he uses for the video: #raab, #1409 or #srsmnm can be read.

Of course, this refers to Stefan Raab, who will enter the boxing ring for a third time against Regina Halmich (47) on September 14, 2024. #srsmnm alludes to the cryptic letter sequence NWSDWH, which Raab wore on his cap in the video in which he announced his fight against Halmich. The “sr” in the abbreviation could stand for Stefan Raab, the nm for Niclas M. “So I could very well imagine a Matze Knop like that as an intern, but what does he mean?”, writes Niklas M. about the film .

What do Stefan Raab and Niclas M. have to do with each other?

The video with Matze Knop is not the first clip with which the advertising master has attached himself to the hype about a Raab comeback. Niclas M. had already posted a video a few days ago that was suspiciously similar in style to the films with which Raab had recently teased a return. The advertising chief comes across a car in a forest that is supposed to belong to Raab.

Fans then speculated that the ticket distributor could be a fictional character created by Raab. Or is he just a copycat. And does the same now apply to Matze Knop, who also wants his share of the attention pie? Is he in turn parodying the hype surrounding Raab and the controversial Instagram star? “You don’t know,” Stefan Raab would have said during his “TV total” days.

Niklas M. became an internet phenomenon thanks to a contribution from “Spiegel TV”. As a self-proclaimed advertising master, he travels through Germany to denounce parking offenders. His goal: to report at least one illegal parker in every German city.

Source: Stern

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