Netflix: the Swedish horror film about a serial killer that lasts 100 minutes

Netflix: the Swedish horror film about a serial killer that lasts 100 minutes

A meeting, accusations of corruption and a bloodthirsty masked man come together in this chilling Netflix film.


Within the catalog of Netflix, many films tend to go unnoticed, despite their great quality. This is the case of The conferencea Swedish horror film, directed by Patrick Eklund.

If you’re looking for a story that will keep you gripping your seat from start to finish, with a good amount of scares in between, this movie has all the ingredients you need.

What is The Conference about, Netflix horror movie

A work meeting in a room in the middle of the forest with poor Wi-Fi reception. A group of colleagues who do not get along with each other and many suspicions of corruption. That is the prelude to an unthinkable horror get to that conference room.

As the meeting progresses, not only will the disagreements and accusations heat up the atmosphere, but a mysterious and bloodthirsty masked man seems to be willing to murder each of them. Who is hiding behind that disguise? Why do you want to kill them? What is the relationship with the crimes that are coming to light?

The only way to know is to survive the 100 minutes of tension that The Ceremony proposes.

Trailer for The Conference, Netflix horror movie

Embed – THE CONFERENCE Trailer (2023) SUBTITLED [HD] Netflix / Horror

Cast of The Conference, Netflix horror film

  • Katia Winter
  • Adam Lundgren
  • Eva Melander
  • Bahar Pars
  • Amed Bozan
  • Maria Sid
  • Christoffer Nordenrot
  • Claes Hartelius
  • Cecilia Nilsson
  • Lola Zackow
  • Marie Agerhäll
  • Jimmy Lindstrom
  • Martin Lagos

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