The reality show that Telefe is preparing to replace Big Brother 2024 after its end

The reality show that Telefe is preparing to replace Big Brother 2024 after its end

The television phenomenon “Big Brother“continues to generate expectations and conversations among the followers of the famous program. Since its first edition, this coexistence reality show managed to captivate audiences around the world, becoming an undisputed benchmark of the genre.

Now, according to reports, the 2023/2024 edition will come to an end in July, so fans are already eagerly waiting to know when a new season can be seen.

What would be the Telefe reality show after the end of Big Brother 2024

Now, months away from end of the 2023/2024 editionrumors are circulating on social media suggesting that Telefe could be laying the groundwork for an exciting variant of the program: “Celebrity Big Brother“.

On social media, fans began to fantasize about names of celebrities who could join the “Celebrity Big Brother” adventure. From iconic figures to beloved participants from previous editions, speculation is at an all-time high.

What was the first edition of Celebrity Big Brother like?

“Celebrity Big Brother” is not a new concept in the Argentine television field. In 2007, the program made its debut hosting Jorge Rial and the participation of renowned entertainment figures such as Amalia Granata, Pachu Pena, Jorge “Locomotive” Castro, Cinthia Fernandez, Hernan Caireamong others.

Diego Leonardi emerged as the undisputed winner of the “Big Brother: Celebrities” edition, accumulating a total of 1,088,942 votes, surpassing Jacqueline Dutrá, former partner of Martín Palermo. For his victory, Leonardi won a prize of 66 thousand pesos.

Big Brother Famous participants

Since then, this special edition left an indelible mark on viewers’ memories, thanks to the unique combination of fame and intimacy that the format offers.

According to reports circulating online, Telefe would be exploring the possibility of reviving this success passenger, taking advantage of the drag and loyalty of the “Big Brother” audience. Although the network has not issued official comments on the matter, the speculation unleashed emotion among the program’s followers, who are already weaving theories about possible participants and scenarios.

However, until Telefe provides official confirmation, everything remains in the realm of uncertainty and anticipation.

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