People: Mickie Krause: This is how the young Ballermann audience is celebrating today

People: Mickie Krause: This is how the young Ballermann audience is celebrating today

The pop singer sees a short attention span among fans – both during live performances and when consuming music at home or on the go.

In the age of TikTok and Spotify, party singer Mickie Krause (53, current hit: “More per mille than IQ”) has noticed a change in partying behavior at Ballermann. “Of course the audience has changed. The young audience is more impatient and no longer feels the star hype. It almost doesn’t matter to them who is on stage,” Krause told the German Press Agency.

“I almost feel a little sorry for the acts that are on stage in the Bierkönig and Megapark in the afternoon because some of them are not even noticed.” It takes big names to get the full attention of the young audience. “At least when I’m performing, I don’t get the impression that people are busy with their cell phones.”

Ballermann season starts again

Krause, who lives in Münsterland and has been performing at the German party mile in Mallorca since 1998, also finds party music to be more fast-paced these days. “It used to be that you got by with one song in the summer and re-wrote it for après-ski. That was it. Today I feel like every artist releases a new song every two weeks to meet Spotify’s algorithm .” This is a change that he doesn’t like. “Because that creates a certain third- and fourth-class feeling among many colleagues.”

The season at Ballermann is set to start tomorrow with the official opening of the Bierkönig. A week later, the second party hotspot, the Megapark, follows suit. Also there: Mickie Krause, whose first hit “Ten Naked Hairdressers” is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Source: Stern

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