Nazareno, the town of Salta hidden among majestic hills that makes you fall in love

Nazareno, the town of Salta hidden among majestic hills that makes you fall in love

It is a small town that attracts tourism due to its tranquility and its construction among the majestic hills.

Nazarene It is a quaint little town of Salta with only 1700 inhabitants. This town is a suitable destination for all those who want quiet tourism to disconnect during their vacation and just enjoy a quiet landscape surrounded by hills, where insecurity is practically nil.

Many Argentines seek to get away from the stress of big cities. Being able to spend a short vacation in a town like Nazareno to forget the noises of the city to recharge energy, reduce stress and reconnect with nature. In these tranquil surroundings, you can enjoy picturesque landscapes, fresh air and outdoor activities. These outings promote physical and mental well-being.

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What is special about Nazareno, a town in Salta

The iconic thing about Nazareno is the construction of the town that sits among the hills and grows among its slopes, seeking every small available space. Among its streets of the town you can find its postal characteristics due to its steep ups and downswhere the streets and paths traveled by the inhabitants are made up.

The town too stands out for its tranquility, its absence of bars and clubs and its practically zero crime. Furthermore, in Nazareno we can find the father Eleuterio, who comes from the Congo and who won the affection of the people with his French accent. “When he arrived, people didn’t talk to him, he was very lonely; Now he preaches well and is very talkative”, describe the locals.

How to get to Nazareno, town of Salta

The road to the town is also one of its attractions, since we will pass through high hills that will offer us majestic views with an infinite number of colors and tones. To get there, we must take the small town of The Intermediate which is located on the National Route 9. From there we must take the Provincial Route 69a gravel road that heads east to Cangrejillos.

From Cangrejillos we must go along Provincial Route 97 towards El Cóndor, we will take the climb to enter the Abra del Cóndor, where we will enter Salta. We will continue along the ledge at 4731 meters above sea level until we reach Nazareno, in a total of four hours of travel and 112 kilometers from La intermedia.

We must recommend Do this tour in a 4×4 truck and have experience driving in the mountains. Also take the precautions of carrying two spare wheels and filling the tank on Route 9

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