Telefé confirmed the return of a historic program for the nights of 2025

Telefé confirmed the return of a historic program for the nights of 2025

The classic reality show returns to Argentine television: find out the possible premiere date and the names that could host the program.


The television phenomenon Triumph operation prepares its return to the Argentine small screen after a successful edition in Spain. The success of this musical format, already tested throughout Latin America, motivated the producers to confirm a new edition adapted to Argentine viewers.

The Reality show returns to the screens Telefe after 12 years. The program had 5 editions (03, 04-05, 05-06, 09 and 12-13) where viewers saw a large number of talents. Claudio Basso, Benjamin Rosales, José García and Cristian Soloa They were the winners of some of the seasons that occurred in the country. In addition, Pablo Tamagninisinger of La Konga, participated in the program, finishing second in the 2003 edition.

Embed – “Digale” Claudio Basso – Videomatch

According to the journalist @LuccaPressafter the conclusion of Big Brother Argentina 2024, the house will be dismantled to make way for the construction of the Operación Triunfo Argentina academy. This new space will be the epicenter of the competition, where contestants will receive singing, dancing and language classes, all under the watchful eye of cameras 24 hours a day, just as happens with GH.

When will the new edition of Operación Triunfo Argentina begin?

Regarding the release date, it has been confirmed that Operación Triunfo Argentina will hit Telefe screens in 2025. Although an exact date has not yet been announced, expectations for the reality show are increasing on social networks.

Who will be the driver of Operación Triunfo Argentina 2025

Santiago del Moro, marley and Lizy Tagliani They emerged as possible options to host the new edition of Operación Triunfo, although the producers have not yet made a final decision. It is expected that in the coming weeks it will be revealed who will be the face that guides the contestants and viewers through another exciting musical adventure.

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