OJ Simpson to be cremated: ‘Clear no’ to brain donation

OJ Simpson to be cremated: ‘Clear no’ to brain donation

OJ Simpson is to be cremated. Estate administrator Malcolm LaVergne has a clear answer to plans to hand over the athlete’s brain to research.

After the death of athlete and actor OJ Simpson, executor Malcolm LaVergne announced that his body would be cremated. In recent days there have been rumors that the NFL player’s brain would be handed over to research in order to study CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) more closely. This is a rare dementia caused by repeated head injuries, which football players may be diagnosed with due to frequent collisions on the field.

Estate manager Malcolm LaVergne has now put these rumors to rest. There is a “clear no” to brain donation, he told NBC News: “His entire body, including his brain, will be cremated.” There are plans for a “celebration of life” for the funeral, which should primarily be reserved for close friends and family.

OJ Simpson’s executor admits comments about legacy were ‘pretty harsh’

OJ Simpson became famous when his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover Ron Goldman were bloodily murdered – and OJ was acquitted in a spectacular trial. However, a civil court ultimately sentenced him to pay millions in damages. According to the will of Simpson, who died last week, his relatives will remain empty-handed even after his death.

LaVergne told the Las Vegas Review Journal: “I hope they don’t get a dime, nothing.” The lawyer also commented on this quote again. This was “pretty harsh,” he admitted. He would tone down the rhetoric a little, he told NBC News. However, he was referring to a Goldman family creditor who was there “an hour after the announcement of Simpson’s death.”

However, exactly how much money is involved in OJ Simpson’s inheritance remains to be determined. His will stipulates that the remaining money should be divided among his children. How much that is remains to be seen, because in addition to tax debts, according to LaVergne, he also owes large sums of money to other creditors. Many of his possessions were confiscated around 1997.

OJ Simpson died of cancer last week at the age of 76.

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