Monaco scandal: Albert and Charlène present themselves together

Monaco scandal: Albert and Charlène present themselves together

A financial scandal rocks Monaco, triggered by the dismissal of the royal family’s long-time asset manager, Claude Palermo. Prince Albert not only fired the accountant, but also reported him for corruption. He then published juicy details from the royals’ financial budget that caused an uproar. There is talk of dubious real estate projects and of a blurring line between taxable expenses and expenses. Palmero also said that the prince had invested around $250 million of his billion-dollar fortune in offshore accounts.

In the principality, efforts are being made to limit the damage and since then they have shown themselves to be particularly united in public: at the weekend, Albert and Charlène attended a tennis match. The pictures show unity: In addition to the royal couple and their son Jacques, Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice Borromeo were also present. Casiraghi is a son of Albert’s sister Caroline of Hanover. Caroline’s daughter Alexandra von Hannover also visited the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters together with the royal family.

Prince Albert’s nephews are also affected by the scandal

The Princess warmly welcomed her husband’s nephew, Pierre Casiraghi, to the stands. The scandal also involves him and his brother Andrea. According to Palermo, the two should be prosecuted for preferential treatment because Prince Albert is said to have given them preferential treatment in construction projects.

At nine years old, Hereditary Prince Jacques probably didn’t notice much of the hustle and bustle; he only had eyes for the tennis match. By the way, his twin sister Gabriella was missing from the trip. After the final of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Prince Jacques was allowed onto the pitch and, together with his parents, handed over the coveted trophy to the winner of the match. The winner was Stefanos Tsitsipas, who defeated his opponent Casper Ruud in just two sets. The royal family posed smiling for photos. Show must go on – no matter what scandal is currently hitting Monaco. “It’s not the first ordeal I’ve been through and there will be more,” Prince Albert recently told “Paris Match”.

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