Recommended wines for less than $20,000 to celebrate International Malbec Day

Recommended wines for less than $20,000 to celebrate International Malbec Day

Sottano Classico Malbec

Sottano Clasico Malbec.jpg

Sottano Malbec highlights the sensory richness of this wine variety. It has an intense red color with violet nuances that attract attention from the first moment. Its aromas evoke red fruits such as plums and raspberries, as well as floral notes of violets and mineral touches of graphite, which are complemented by elegant notes of vanilla and dulce de leche from its aging in a wooden barrel. In the mouth, it is characterized by a soft entry and a delicate structure, with firm and velvety tannins that provide a unique sensory experience.

Suggested price: $6339.

Andeluna Blanc de Malbec 2023


A white wine made with 100% Malbec grapes, floral and fresh, that transmits all its personality in every detail. “Thanks to our constant search for innovation, this White Malbec seeks to publicize the great adaptability of our emblematic variety, achieving a Malbec that is unique in its style,” he explains. Manuel González BalsWinemaker of Andeluna.

Andeluna Blanc de Malbec It is conceived from the vineyard in Valle de Uco: “a plot was sought in which the fruit is very protected from light by the leaves of the vine and in which water irrigation is greater than in a vineyard in which the grapes will be used to produce red wine. To make a white wine from red grapes, the skin and the seed are separated prior to fermentation. In this case, in addition, an intense decrease in the temperature of the liquid was carried out, to about 4ºC, which makes what There may be colored precipitate at the bottom of the stainless steel tank,” describes González Bals.

Suggested price: $8,540

Without Rules Malbec

Without Rules Malbec.jpg

Without Rules Malbec is an exceptional wine born in the first green of the vineyard. Its first two clusters, obtained with an outstanding effort, give rise to a unique harvest where all its notes reach their maximum expression. This 100% Malbec from the first harvest stands out for its marked acidity, intense body and vibrant color. It is an oenological experience that captivates the senses and reflects the dedication and care with which it has been made. Without Rules Malbec is the testimony of the commitment and passion for oenological excellence, representing the richness and authenticity of the terroir of origin.

Suggested price: $9779.

Gran Famiglia Bianchi Malbec

Gran Famiglia Malbec white.jpg

Literally, a great Malbec from Valle de Uco. Great intensity, great power, great liveliness. At first glance it presents incredible violet flashes, which give way to a voluptuous nose, between aromas of red fruits such as cherries and fresh plums, in perfect harmony with spicy and floral notes. Aging for 12 months in French oak provides sensations of vanilla and dark chocolate. In the mouth, the entry is sweet, with a complex structure. Its balanced acidity allows it to express its exquisite freshness and silky tannins.

Suggested price to the public in the online store: $14,500.

Finca Los Primos Malbec

Finca Los Primos- Malbec.jpg

Primos offers wines with a lot of flavor, easy to drink, wines that unite, to share and enjoy. It is a young Malbec where aromas of red fruits predominate accompanied by a floral touch of violets. Furthermore, due to the characteristics of the soil, it offers mineral and fresh notes that end up giving more liveliness to the wine. Soft and round tannins that make it very balanced. Finca los Primos also stands out for its renewed label and screw cap, which is practical for opening and allows you to better preserve the bottle once opened, for another time. Inspired by those friendships that mark lives forever, this Malbec honors the first memories of the third generation of the Bianchi Stradella family, who ran and experienced their first antics in the old vineyards of San Rafael.

Suggested price to the public in the online store: $4,350.

Terraces of the Andes Origin Los Chacayes


This wine comes from vineyards at 1,200 meters above sea level and is a tribute to this exceptional land that extends in the heights of the Uco Valley. It is a land with rocky soil and great thermal amplitude. This pure expression of Malbec reveals an intense, spicy and structured character with a balanced and elegant style. In the 2023 edition of the Decanter Word Wine Awards, Terrazas de Los Andes Origen Los Chacayes Malbec 2021 received 97 points in the Best in Show category and was highlighted as one of the 50 best wines in the world.

Suggested price: $12,700.

Malbec Challenge

Colosso – Reto Malbec.jpg

Reto Malbec is a 100% Malbec wine that reflects the authenticity of its region of origin. Made with fermentation in stainless steel tanks and a brief aging in French oak, it has a deep red color with violet tints and intense fruit aromas. On the palate, it offers a sweet and voluminous entry, with ripe and elegant tannins, highlighting red fruits and a subtle smokiness on the finish. The grapes are harvested manually, mostly coming from Luján de Cuyo and to a lesser extent from the Uco Valley.

Suggested price: $5,847.

Malbec White: Caressed Malbecino

Caressed Malbecino, from Familia Salas Organic Estate.jpg

Malbecino Organic Wines is one of the Familia Salas Organic Estate lines, with which the winery aims to show all the diversity of Malbec offered by its organic vineyards located in Maipú, Mendoza.

This objective is even reflected in its white wine version: Caressed Malbecino. This Blanc de Noir from the winery is one of the few white wines made with Malbec grapes that can be found in the Argentine market and the only certified organic. Ideal for those looking for a white wine, but with body and elegance. In addition, it is vegan certified.

Suggested price: $6,500.

Chakana Finca Los Cedros Malbec 2020

The Cedars – 1.jpg

This wine is made with organic and biodynamic grapes from our own vineyards located in Paraje Altamira, Uco Valley. “Altamira has a mixture of intense tannin but it shows up in a very subtle way. Finca Los Cedros has a very noticeable fresh character,” he explains. Leonardo DeviaWinemaker of Chakana. “The upbringing of Chakana Finca Los Cedros Malbec It is a mixture of cement basins with barrels. To preserve freshness, the use of cement basins is privileged,” he adds.

Chakana is characterized by minimal intervention oenology and all its estates are treated under organic and biodynamic practices. Biodynamics is based on the fundamental concepts of organic agriculture and expands its scope, becoming a regenerative agriculture that promotes biodiversity and a model of well-being that includes plants, the people who produce food, and the people who consume it. “The main contribution of biodynamics to wine is found in the legitimate and unique expression of the variety, highlighting its most intrinsic characteristics and its interaction with the environment and people. It is the unique reflection of that variety in that place“, it states Facundo BonamaizonAgronomist Engineer from Chakana.

Suggested Price: $18,280.

Gaia Malbec Organic 2021

Gaia Malbec.jpg

A wine from Domaine Bousquet’s own vineyards, the pioneering organic winery in Gualtallary, at 1,200 meters above sea level. “This Malbec expresses the fresh characteristics of our terroir. It is a fruity and intense wine with round tannins, in which the aging in French oak barrels is very well blended, with aromas of ripe red fruits and the elegance that the winery always proposes,” he describes. Rodrigo Serrano Alouwinemaker of Domaine Bousquet.

Gaia, the goddess of Greek mythology who personifies Mother Earth, has been the inspiration of the Bousquet family since the founding of the winery in 1997, when they acquired 240 hectares of virgin land in Alto Gualtallary, Tupungato. Since its birth, the vineyards of Domaine Bousquet They receive organic treatment. That’s why, Gaia It is the name of one of the wine lines, the restaurant and the winery’s Lodge.

Suggested Price: $19,900

BenMarco Malbec 2021

Ben marco.jpg

A wine “that speaks of the terroir, the vineyard and the year through the varietal”, describes its author Edgardo Del Popolowinery’s viticulturist Susana Balbowhich defines it as a Malbec that emerges from the eyes of the Viticulturist.

BenMarco Malbec It comes from a vineyard in the lower part of Los Chacayes that, as a characteristic, gives it a nuance of black fruit with a mixture of herbs. ““This profile highlights the personality of the place,” defines Del Pópolo. A wine with a tasty mouthfeel, which invites you to drink and toast. This Malbec also speaks of the year. In the Harvest Report, Del Pópolo describes 2021 as a cold year due to its climatic characteristics, whose imprint is from wines of great purity and transparency in the fruit, with clean and delicate aromas.” He also explains that it was a vintage that We classify it as VERY good -more specifically, the third best of the last decade-“.

Suggested Price: $16,769

End of the World Reserve

Fin del Mundo Malbec Reserve, from Bodega Del Fin del Mundo.jpg

With vineyards located in Saint Patrick of Chañar, Neuquén, Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo made the emblematic varietal of Argentina a strain with its own imprint. “The malbec of the region is characterized by many aromas, concentration and flavor in the mouth, but always respecting the freshness and the drinkable part that makes the malbecs of San Patricio del Chañar characteristic,” he explains. Juliana del Aguila EurnekianPresident of Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo.

This Reserva Del Fin Del Mundo Malbec is a premium wine made with grapes from some of the best plots of its different vineyards. Like the entire line, it was aged in French oak barrels for 12 months and reflects the maximum expression of this variety in Patagonia.

Suggested price: $10,800.

La Flor Malbec 2022 – Pulenta


Deep violet red in color, its aroma is full of ripe red fruits with slight floral tones, which are accompanied by delicate notes of vanilla and tobacco coming from the wood. In the mouth, it is round, with good character and notable structure, great complexity and a memorable finish.

Suggested price: $10,800

LA CELIA Elite Malbec

3. The Celia Elite MB (1).jpg

Malbec has a prominent place in the La Celia winery portfolio and expresses the terroir of its vineyards, since the wines come 100% from its estate made up of three different geographies: Eugenio Bustos, La Consulta and Paraje Altamira. The main difference between the Malbecs in the portfolio is the geographical location of the different plots that give rise to these wines:

Suggested price: $13,600

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