The imposing Buenos Aires park that measures half the size of CABA and is easily reached by train

The imposing Buenos Aires park that measures half the size of CABA and is easily reached by train

He Pereyra Iraola Park It has a fascinating history dating back to its creation in the mid-20th century. The park was inaugurated in 1938, under the initiative of the then governor of the province, Manuel Fresco. Originally, it was designated as a nature reserve to preserve the region’s native flora and fauna. Over time, it became a recreation and leisure space for residents of the area and visitors from all over the country.

Over the years, the Pereyra Iraola Park, located in Berazategui, It has been the subject of various conservation and sustainable development initiatives to protect its biodiversity and promote its value as a natural and cultural resource. Thanks to the commitment of local authorities, environmental organizations and the community in general, this green treasure continues to be an emblematic place for recreation and contact with the nature in the region.


The Santa Rosa ranch helmet

What to do in Pereyra Iraola Park

The extension of the Pereyra Iraola Park covers more than a thousand hectares of forests, lagoons, and nature trails, making it a refuge for a wide variety of mammals, reptiles and plants. It is also home to a great diversity of birds, making it a popular destination for lovers of ornithology. Visitors can bring binoculars and cameras to observe and photograph the birds that inhabit the park.

The park has picnic areas equipped with tables, where visitors can enjoy a day outdoors with family and friends. There is even walking trails specially enabled for the practice of mountain biking, allowing fans to tour the park in bicycle and enjoy its natural landscape.


The Crystal Tree

Buenos Aires province

Furthermore, in Pereyra Iraola there is The Santa Rosa Ranch, one of the most important historical monuments in the region. Its presence, along with other nearby structures, such as the Saint Helena Chapeland the lush surrounding vegetation, make it one of the most popular destinations among the inhabitants of Buenos Aires.

Another unmissable attraction is the Crystal Tree. It is an Agathis alba, native to Malaysia, which has the peculiarity of secreting a resin in the shape of “tears” that, during full moon nights, reflect the light, giving it the appearance of a crystal tree. This specimen It is the only survivor of the 12 planted 150 years ago by Leonardo Pereyra Iraola. In 1992, the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires declared it Natural Monument, through Law 11,341.

Lastly there is the Dutch Mill. It was a gift from the government of Holland at the end of the 1940s. Initially, it was used as a shelter for an electrical plant and later became a tourist information office for the Park. Over time, it was transferred to the Ministry of Security and is currently under the jurisdiction of the 3rd Police Station of JM Gutiérrez, Berazategui.


The Dutch Mill

Buenos Aires province

Days and times of the Pereyra Iraola Park

The Park is open Monday to Sunday (including holidays) 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. The official email for inquiries is [email protected].

How to get to Pereyra Iraola Park

It is located in General Belgrano Roadkilometer 40, Berazategui. The bus lines that stop near the Park are 202 AX60202 BX1202 DX1202 FX1202 G.

In addition, it can be accessed by train, using the line General Rocagetting off at the Villa Elisa station.


You can access the Park with the Rock Train

You can access the Park with the Rock Train


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