A tango show with an Almodovarian perfume

A tango show with an Almodovarian perfume

“This is a tribute to great tango characters who have lived feverish and stormy romances,” says Virginia Innocenti, which presents “Herida absurda”, a concert of tangos, classics and other songs. Together with Hernán Lucero, they perform tomorrow at the Torquato Tasso under the direction of Jorgelina Herrero Pons. We talk with Innocenti.

Journalist: They present a musical cocktail, what is Almodovarian about it?

SAW: It is actually an intervened concert, with a staging and we like to say that it is a musical cocktail with some great songs, classics and hits of the genre that in the mix we made tell a story with an Almodovarian perfume for this passion, of a certain passionate delight with images of tango poetry and even with a little humor.

Q.: Two who fall in love rehearsing a tribute to Carlos Gardel, is there any self-referential story?

SAW: It is not a self-referential story but a kind of homage to other stories, some very well-known, of great tango characters who have experienced feverish and stormy romances. Our characters meet doing an emblematic scene from “The day you love me”, they fall in love and precisely in that fall in love the problems, the complaints, the passion begin.

Absurd Wound – credit Alejandra López 6.jpg

Q.: They are classic tangos and there are also songs by Gilda, how do you choose the repertoire and what is added to each genre when performing it?

SAW: They are super well-known tangos, very sung, but you will be able to see them in another context, telling moments of a very fervent love story. We chose very powerful tangos, both in poetry and music, and that also served us to address the story of these two beings in their romantic future. What Gilda, Sandro and La Lupe do is a kind of Almodovarian encore, a moment to relax and make tango coexist with these genres twinned by passion.

Q: How is a musical show produced today that suits the public’s budget?

SAW: Self-management has its uphill side, sometimes there are budget limitations, but there is also a lot of positive in that you do not have to make concessions. I was able to choose the repertoire, the theme, a beautiful space like the Tasso with complete freedom. We certainly try, together with the venue, to set affordable prices because people are having a hard time today and we sincerely appreciate that you choose us when buying a ticket for your moment of entertainment.

Q: How did you choose the team for the show?

SAW: First I called Hernán Lucero, because he is a great singer and although we already knew each other, we had sung as each other’s guests, we had never done anything together. He was the ideal artist for this performance, because of his quality as a singer but also because of his expressive capacity, and luckily he accepted. Leandro Pitu Marquesano is a great musician and he contributed a lot to us in the piano arrangements and musical atmospheres. Jorgelina Herrero Pons, with whom we had already worked on the adaptation of the work “Dijeron de mi” to a concert format also performed for a cycle of tribute to Tita Merello at the CCK, also joined in to prepare the performance and we worked a lot on direction. . With Karina Barrozo we worked on the musical productions that I have been doing for several years and we are looking for a return to this new project.

Q: Are you doing theater again?

SAW: I’m very focused on music now. What we are doing involves a lot of interpretation, of theatrical play, but today singing is very healing and saving, very gratifying for me. And very necessary…

Q: How do you see theater, music and culture today?

SAW: Complicated, like almost everything in Argentina, it is a very difficult time for artists and cultural workers. Institutions like the INCAA or the National Fund for the Arts, which have done so much for our culture, for our audiovisual industry and for so many wonderful artists, are on the brink of closure, defunded, all very sad. Sometimes I feel like we are like singing in the Titanic because everything we hear and read every day in the media or on the networks is very harsh and we don’t really know what is going to happen to our lives. With our world as we knew it.

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