Beauty queen Hailey Bieber: Her sunkissed make-up look for make-up

Beauty queen Hailey Bieber: Her sunkissed make-up look for make-up

As a beauty influencer, Hailey Bieber always has good make-up tips up her sleeve: Here we reveal how she achieves her sunkissed make-up look.

Hailey Bieber (27) is not only the wife of pop star Justin Bieber (30), but also a successful beauty entrepreneur. And as such, she regularly creates new makeup trends. After viral beauty trends like the strawberry makeup look, the latte makeup look or the sugar plum aesthetic, she now comes up with the perfect beauty tutorial for the upcoming summer: This is how the Sunkisses works. Make-up look à la Hailey Bieber.

The influencer shows herself in a white lace dress in the warm light of the golden hour: while she creates a beauty look for her followers that is reminiscent of a summer visit to the beach.

This is how you can achieve sunkissed make-up à la Hailey Bieber

In the video, she prepares her face with products from her own beauty brand Rhode: First, she applies a nutrient-rich and moisturizing cream. This is followed by a quickly absorbing gel serum that is intended to protect the skin barrier.

This is followed by the most important component of the beauty look: lots of bronzer, after all, this is make-up that is supposed to conjure up a natural summer tan on the face. In Hailey’s video, the bronzer is even applied before foundation and concealer. For a seamless finish, she applies the bronzer to the cheeks and temples and then blends it well to the forehead and jawline.

Apply primer and concealer to ensure an even complexion. To round off the sunkissed make-up look, finish with terracotta-colored blush on the cheeks and bridge of the nose and a matte red tone on the lips. Hailey Bieber’s extra tip for the perfect sun-kissed look: fake freckles on the nose, lightly blended for a natural finish. Perhaps the most beautiful makeup trend of early summer 2024 is ready.

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