How to clean a burnt pot and not have to buy a new one

How to clean a burnt pot and not have to buy a new one

Nothing like a good home trick to recover your cooking utensils and not have to spend on new purchases.

Being a newbie in the kitchen, it is possible that the bottom of the pot will burn. Whether cooking rice or some stew, sometimes it is unavoidable. But that’s no longer a problem!

There are few ingredients and cleaning items needed to recover a burnt pot and not have to spend money on this kitchen utensil again. With these simple hacks, your pots will look like new.

Homemade tricks to clean a burnt pot

1. Virulana

This tool is a good option, but it can only be used on pots, pans or pans that do not have a non-stick coating, because otherwise they will be damaged. So that soften dirt and it is not necessary to scratch so much, you should add hot water with a splash of detergent and let it act for a while.

2. Sponge

For the pots Teflon or ceramic non-stick you should use a soft spongeand if scratching is necessary, it can be done gently with a Teflon, plastic or wooden utensil.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cleaner powerful. To use it, you need to heat water in the pot over medium heat and add the baking soda once it boils (one tablespoon for every liter and a half of water). Stir so that dissolveAfter a few minutes, remove from the heat and scratch with a wooden spatula. When everything is loose, empty the pot, let it cool and scrub as usual.

4. Vinegar

Cover the bottom of the burnt pot with White vinegar and heat until bring to a boil. Leave on fire until is consumed. Once it cools, clean the bottom.

5. Salt

Remove as much dirt as possible from the inside and then pour two or three fingers of water with two tablespoons of salt into the pot. Leave rest for half an hour and then rub. If the blackened layer is not white enough, put the saucepan on the fire with the salted water and let it boil. When cold, rub.

6. Cola Soft Drink

Add a can of soda to the burnt pot. Carry the liquid to a boil over low heat and then scratch. As it is an acidic product, the blackened and stuck area will come out easily.

7. Lemon

Rub a cut lemon on the area, wash with the scouring pad and repeat until the surface is shiny.

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