People: Bärbel Schäfer no longer feels anger in a traffic jam

People: Bärbel Schäfer no longer feels anger in a traffic jam

Bärbel Schäfer experienced the hard way in her family how much of an accident an accident can take on rescue workers. This has also changed their perspective on one of the Germans’ pet peeves.

Presenter and author Bärbel Schäfer (60) has a special view of traffic jams after an accident because of a stroke of fate in her life. Her brother once had an accident in his car and helpers tried to save him. “Nowadays, when I’m stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident, I no longer feel angry. I’m patient in a traffic jam because I know that there are people there who want to do their job and are trying to save lives,” said Schäfer to the German Press Agency in Cologne. She believes that there are many “orphaned siblings, parents, partners” who have already experienced the exceptionally committed work that rescue workers and emergency doctors do.

Her brother’s accident made her think

“Unfortunately my brother was killed. But for others, these people may still be able to help,” said Schäfer. She thinks about that in situations like this.

From Monday (April 22nd) on Sat.1 and Joyn, the 60-year-old will present the documentary series “Notruf”, in which real rescue workers will comment on their most difficult missions. The cases are carefully recreated. The format runs Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. The title of the show will probably still be remembered by many viewers. From 1992 to 2006, “Notruf” ran on RTL, made big by former talker Hans Meiser (1946-2023).

That’s why Bärbel Schäfer wants to moderate “Emergency Call”.

Schäfer said she decided to host the new show based on a “combination of different associations and thoughts.” One reason for them is that they want to value the work of rescue workers. As an example, she also cited “very private associations” with the topic. “My brother had an accident in his car and a lot of helpers tried to save him at the motorway guardrail,” she reported. She found out about it when an emergency nurse rang the bell when she got out of bed. She also wrote a book about these experiences.

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