Television: Barbara Schöneberger: I’ve never missed a train

Television: Barbara Schöneberger: I’ve never missed a train

In “Do you understand fun?” Comedian Phil Laude, as a German bourgeois, drives the ski instructors to despair. The presenter of the show also recognizes a characteristic of the typical “Alman”.

Moderator Barbara Schöneberger (50) doesn’t like to keep people waiting for her. “I’m a punctual person. I’ve never missed anything in my life or never missed a train or a flight,” Schöneberger told the German Press Agency when asked what stereotypical German characteristics she has about herself. “If I know that 200 people are waiting for me in the television studio, I’m on time. If I’m invited to an event in the evening, I’ll also be a few minutes late if I know that a few other people are coming. “

Schöneberger will again host the television show “Do you understand fun?” on Saturday evening (8:15 p.m.). in the first. Guests include the comedian Phil Laude, who travels for the hidden camera as a pedantic German tourist in the St. Anton ski area and drives Austrian snowboard instructors to despair. In the ARD series “Almania”, Laude makes fun of the typical German philistine in his role as teacher Frank Stimpel.

Source: Stern

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