“Everything that counts”: Alexandra Fonsatti and Laura Egger are leaving the series

“Everything that counts”: Alexandra Fonsatti and Laura Egger are leaving the series

As Chiara and Ava, they play the dream couple par excellence in “Everything that counts”, but not for much longer. Alexandra Fonsatti and Laura Egger are leaving the RTL series at the same time.

It’s a hard blow for the fans of the RTL series “Everything that counts”, they are facing a double farewell. The actresses Alexandra Fonsatti and Laura Egger, who play the lovers Chiara and Ava, will leave the series together. Before that, however, there is still the big TV dream wedding of the two women to see. Both actresses thanked the broadcaster RTL on Thursday (April 18th) for their support from “AWZ” fans over the past few years.

Farewell to the dream couple on “Everything that counts”

Both Fonsatti and Egger are leaving the series at their own request, as they explain in the video. “Thank you for your support. Thank you for accompanying me all these years. For always giving me and my character a chance. For living with us and cheering us on,” says Alexandra Fonsatti, who thanks her role the ice princess Chiara Nadolny polarized at one time or another.

Laura Egger, who has played the role of ice skating coach Ava Grothe in recent years, also finds words of gratitude and gives an outlook on the future: “I have decided to take a new path, to try things out. To set off for new shores. I’m happy very excited about everything that is waiting for me.”

Fonsatti and Egger say goodbye

The couple’s fairytale wedding can be seen on RTL TV () on April 22nd and 24th. Your two series characters then say goodbye to Essen and set off for their new life together as a married couple in Munich. During their almost year-long relationship on and off the ice, the happiness of the two characters was in jeopardy more than once. Among other things, at the beginning of the relationship there was hostility and allegations of abuse of power against Ava as Chiara’s trainer.

Transparency note: The star is part of Germany

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