The 5 plants to care for indoors that promote mental health

The 5 plants to care for indoors that promote mental health

Having an indoor garden provides a great deal of physical and emotional well-being. What are the ones that provide energy and relaxation to people?

There is a love that unites millions of people in the world: love for plants. Green energy is expanding globally and every day there is more awareness of caring for the environment. Indoor plants provide intimate contact with nature and end up being silent companions, providing serenity and visual respite in the corners of our home or workplace.

But there’s more than that, have a significant impact on reducing stress and promoting mental health. Thanks to their ability to produce oxygen, plant respiration is our very life. And some species stand out for their ease of care and for being particularly beneficial for the indoor environment and our mood.

For Charles Guy, professor emeritus in the department of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida, gardening can improve mental health People who have existing medical conditions or problems.


What are the easy-to-care plants that help you with mental health?

Sansevieria (Mother-in-law’s tongue or Sword of Saint George)

Its ability to purify the air even during the night makes it an excellent companion for the bedroom, helping to improve the quality of sleep and, therefore, general well-being.

Monstera Delicious

Its large green leaves with natural cuts are not only aesthetically appealing, but can also help create a calmer, more relaxing environment. Interacting with a plant of this size can be therapeutic, offering an oasis of calm and a bond with nature within the home.


These plants are known for their ability to retain water in their leaves, stems or roots, allowing them to survive in drought conditions.


Pothos is a climbing plant that is characterized by its rapid growth and its variegated heart-shaped leaves, which is why it can become a rewarding gardening experience thanks to the immediate feeling of achievement and satisfaction.


It is ideal when it comes to mental health, as it requires sporadic watering and adapts well to low light environments, making it the perfect candidate for those spaces with limited light.

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