Rea Garvey: That’s what he likes to do best in his home country of Ireland

Rea Garvey: That’s what he likes to do best in his home country of Ireland

The Irish musician Rea Garvey talks in an interview about his “Halo” tour, the longing for his homeland and the ESC 2024.

Rea Garvey (50) recently released “Somewhere Close To Heaven” (together with Picture This), his third single from the album “Halo”, which was announced for autumn this year. Before the release of his new work, the Irish singer is going on tour. He will celebrate the start of his “Halo Arena Tour” on April 21st in the Munich Olympic Hall. Afterwards we will go to Cologne (April 24th), Berlin (April 27th) or Hamburg (April 29th), among others.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Rea Garvey tells us what fans can expect on the tour and what he appreciates about playing the shows before the album release. He also talks about his new hairstyle, his visits to his native Ireland, the success of Irish artists and his failure in finding the German ESC act for 2024.

You recently released “Somewhere Close To Heaven” with Picture This. Your homeland Ireland connects you with the band. What similarities did you find with the band members through this?

Rea Garvey: We Irish have a saying: “You can take the Irish out of Ireland, but you can’t take Ireland out of the Irish.” Missing home is a part of the journey that one has to sadly accept. But meeting a fellow Irish citizen abroad usually leads to a good night celebrating our love of home.

The song is about the longing for home. How often do you still go to Ireland and what do you enjoy doing there most?

Garvey: I try to come to Ireland at least twice a year and when I’m there I spend most of my time catching up with friends and family. Once I’ve completed all the tasks, it’s usually time to get on the plane again.

What are the biggest clichés that are true or not true about Ireland or the Irish?

Garvey: When people come to Ireland they expect bad weather, great pubs, great people and unforgettable memories. I don’t know any of my friends who were disappointed with what they experienced when they visited Ireland. You have to let go of the expected and look forward to the unexpected when you come to Ireland, that’s a guarantee of greatness (laughs).

On Instagram you can see how you celebrate Cillian Murphy’s Oscar win with Picture This. Some Irish actors are currently popular: Andrew Scott, Barry Keoghan and Paul Mescal. What makes them so successful?

Garvey: I think Ireland has always made a huge contribution to art worldwide. We are always proud when one of us makes it to the international stage, be it in art, film, music or the written word. I think most successful artists would say that they achieved success through hard work and love for what they do combined with an unwavering will to succeed. A wise person once said that you have to work for happiness in life.

You shot a video in Hamburg for “Somewhere Close To Heaven” and presented your new hairstyle. How did you get your hair shorter and are you going to stick with it?

Garvey: To be honest, it wasn’t a big decision on my part. Two of my trusty talents are the ability to chat through the night and grow hair (laughs). So cutting off the curls wasn’t a “life” decision for me, but it was interesting to see the reaction to releasing the video. My hair grows faster than grass in a summer month, so I guess I’ll be wearing buns again soon.

You are now going on tour with Picture This. What can fans expect from the concerts?

Garvey: It’s exciting to think about the first show and the nervous excitement that fills me before I go on stage. We bring music to the stage that hasn’t been released yet, which gets my pulse racing when I think about the first performances. I’m not a perfectionist, but I want the concert to be amazing. My band is amazing, the stage is huge and the new songs are my best work yet, so I’m starting to feel those first stage butterflies.

The album will be released in the fall. What is it like for you to tour before the release?

Garvey: I love the idea of ​​playing new songs that haven’t been released yet. I think we live in the fast lane where everything has to be available instantly, and I think that leads to great music getting lost in traffic. I want to take the time to introduce the songs, give the audience a sense of where the words come from, and experience the first time they hear the song. I think this will make the tour even more special than it already is.

They play in the country’s largest halls and arenas. What do you appreciate about such large concerts?

Garvey: I think the sea of ​​people is breathtaking. When the audience becomes one and responds to a song as one, whether by clapping, singing or shouting, it leaves you speechless. You stand on stage and feel like you’re part of a fantasy you had as a child. This is one of the greatest rewards of being a musician. I love it.

What does it look like backstage at Rea Garvey concerts?

Garvey: My backstage is a place where I can hang out with my friends and family when they come to visit and also a place where I can party with the band after a show because the audience blew us away or we were over the moon. I spend a lot of time backstage, so coffee is important, food is important, I exercise for an hour before the show and warm up my vocals. I love trying local beers after the show. Normally I don’t have that much energy, but when it’s the last show of a tour, I feel a responsibility to all former rock stars and those who dream of becoming one to keep the flag flying. It is better to regret your mistakes than to regret never making them.

They went looking for the German ESC act for 2024, but in the end it was Isaak. Were you very disappointed that Floryan didn’t win?

Garvey: Absolutely. But Floryan was great and did such a great job, he will find his way and can be proud of what he achieved at the ESC.

What do you think of Isaak, how do you rate his chances of winning?

Garvey: I think it has a lot of character that people will like and identify with, which is important for such an international audience. Only time will tell if the song is good enough. I wish him much success and hope that he can shout “Germany 12 points!” a few times during the show. will hear.

How will you follow the ESC final?

Garvey: Mostly at home on the couch with the whole family, that’s tradition. We have already chosen the winner or at least the top three a few times, so we feel like a professional ESC audience (laughs).

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